Don’t criticize people, correct them with respect

November 5, 2023

Don’t Criticize People, Correct Them With Respect

We hold the purest intention for everyone, but we project our frustration by criticizing people when they are not our way. Criticism has vibrations of anger or rejection, so apart from creating hurt in the one being criticized, it depletes our inner power. If we remain stable and give the same feedback, it’s beneficial. Have you been in an interaction where you gave the finest of feedbacks possible, yet the other person understood it as criticism and rejection? Is your instruction or suggestion often thought to be harsh and insulting? Does that make you stop advising people, as you are unsure how to relay it effectively? When giving feedback, how we say it matters more than what we say. Our intentions for family, friends and colleagues is pure, but we need to take care of our energy when conveying the feedback. If we are critical, the other person becomes defensive, depleted and hurt. He holds us responsible for the pain and the negativity radiates back to us. 

Criticism is emotional abuse. It targets the person and rarely focuses on their act. We need to give feedback with an energy of understanding, love and respect so that the other person accepts it and becomes willing to transform. The next time people behave or work in different ways which do not match your definition of right, empower them. Speak softly, use fewer words and guide them. Remind yourself – I empower people with my polite and helpful feedback. I create transformation and earn their blessings. Accept people and finish criticism. Shift from controlling and authoritative ways, to being compassionate and caring. Once you stop criticizing, you will increase your ability to appreciate life more. Remind yourself – I correct people with respect and dignity. I give feedback on the task that has gone wrong and help them to correct.

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