Give blessings, receive blessings

May 2, 2024

Give Blessings, Receive Blessings


Blessings are positive energy vibrations which we share with each other and they create goodness in relationships. God shares some beautiful methods of exchanging blessings with each other. Let’s understand some of them – 

  1. Whenever we come in contact with another soul, the first thought that comes to our mind is of a past interaction with them, or of some work we have with them, or sometimes we look at them based on something we know about them or have heard from someone about them or of some weakness of theirs. Instead let us have a thought first of their specialty or their goodness, which we have seen in them at some point of time. This radiates blessings to them.
  2. When we interact with someone, radiate to the other person a pure and positive feeling that you are a very special and beautiful soul and also keep a good wish for the person in your mind that you will find happiness and success in everything you do. Both good feelings and good wishes are form of blessings that fill spiritual love in interactions and bring back blessings from others.
  3. Also, when meeting others, see others as God’s children, whom God loves a lot and keep your vision subtly at their spiritual form or the soul, a being of pure spiritual light at the center of their forehead. The more this spiritual vision becomes your habit, the more your positive energy will radiate to the other person and in return, the other person will send back positivity and goodness.
  4. A sign of a good natured soul is to give something to everyone they meet. Depending on what the soul is lacking in or what they need in that particular scene of life, give them peace or joy or love or power through your eyes, face, words and actions. These are beautiful blessings. 
  5. Lastly, give support to everyone and co-operate enthusiastically with everyone. Today, souls in the world need our positive energy and we also benefit from their positive energy which they radiate to us. This is an important way of giving and receiving blessings.

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