Is life a competition for you?

June 6, 2024

Is Life A Competition For You?


The language of competition is Who is better, who is number one? Wanting to be better than others is a never-ending race. So our energies of love, care and co-operation get blocked. Most of us grew up conditioned to believe that life is a competition.

1. Competition is not limited only to your professional world. You may compete even in your family – over who is more loved, who takes better care of the house, who earns more and so on.

2. Your tendency to compete becomes a habit. You may lose awareness and may unknowingly live in fear, tension and anxiety all the time in trying to be being ahead of others.

  1. When you compete with someone, you are at a loss. You may either not utilize your full potential and just be happy about being ahead of the other person.  Or you may end up stretching yourself way beyond your capacity and get stressed. Your aim would be to be better than others, rather than being your best, which you have set for yourself. 
  2. Make co-operation your purpose of life, not competition. You’re not against each other, you are with each other. You are not in a race; you are on this journey together. You will share what you know and take others along as you move forward. This shift will change the way you live and bring more success than you expected.

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