Living happiness the right way (part 3)

June 13, 2024

Living Happiness The Right Way (Part 3)


Happiness is a state of mind and not something based on external influences. E.g. you hear a great piece of news – you have got a promotion in your office. That feels very nice to hear and it gives you happiness. There is nothing wrong with that, but when our happiness starts becoming dependent on such events, that’s when the foundation of our happiness is a wrong one. After hearing a positive piece of news, after one day you are told that your favourite sports team has lost the final of a very famous tournament. You see your team losing and suddenly your happiness is lost. So, enjoy the positive events but don’t think that life will not have its negative events ready to reduce your happiness, if your happiness stands on the wrong foundation.

So what is the right way to be happy? Enjoy everything that life has to offer – all the good things but don’t make your happiness dependent on them. Also, if you are truly and internally happy in this way, as per spiritual principles, then that once in a while negative event or that shocking accident on the road or a sudden loss of wealth will not disturb you either. Constant happiness comes by increasing one’s inner spiritual treasures like peace, love, wisdom and power and not from outside events. That does not mean outside events will not make you happy. They will, but you do not get controlled by their ups and downs, when they happen. Also, by increasing your treasures, you remain happy even when there is a negative situation in your life. That is living happiness the right way!

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