Nothing new - the wisdom for difficult situations

June 2, 2024

Nothing New – The Wisdom For Difficult Situations


Why is it that many times when we face a new negative situation, we feel it’s more difficult than the previous situations and this time it will not be easy to pass the situation. Also, our mind becomes filled with thoughts of possible failure and our faith in ourselves, in life and also in God tends to shake. Suddenly life seems full of darkness, and we are no longer as happy as we were before the situation came in our life. Also, we don’t interact enthusiastically with others and sometimes our health and personal and professional work also gets affected negatively. What is the solution to this and how should we learn from every negative situation, use it to make ourselves powerful and not fear it at all. Also, how can we keep this positive and powerful mental state constant? 

The wisdom given by God, to remember in such situations is Nothing New. Nothing New means that I have filled my mind with the experience of passing many difficult negative situations in the past and based on that experience, this situation is not new to me and I know that the way I had, with God’s positive help, support and powers passed those old situations, I will do the same now also. I am just repeating my actions again. I already know the result as being positive and I am sure of it. I am also sure that God will help me again this time also. The only thing that separates me from the positive end result is time and patience is the road to success. I take the road and don’t bother about the different stages of the situation that I pass on the road. Some stages may be favourable and some may sometimes not be so favourable. But I am sure, based on my past experience, that every stage will pass. I have to only keep moving ahead in God’s remembrance, on the road of patience and the more I do that, the more I will receive God’s help at every stage, and He is completely responsible for resolving the situation. I am only acting in the situation, according to God’s guidance, who knows all aspects of the situations better than me and because He is very wise, He knows what is best for me and the situation. I have always been victorious and will be victorious again.

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