Realizing the soul and how it works (part 1)

June 3, 2024

Realizing The Soul And How It Works (Part 1)


Have you ever wondered what your past is i.e. do you ever believe that life is eternal or in other words life is not only a one birth reality? We all know about what the soul is and hear about it but do we apply the knowledge that we hear in our personal life? Everything that we do, every action that we perform through the physical body, it is actually the spiritual energy or soul performing the action or speaking the words or even thinking about something. But, because the soul cannot be seen, we think it is me, the physical form, which is doing everything. Even science today has started considering the immortality (beyond life and death) of the self. Also, people have started believing how an invisible and non-physical source of peace, love and joy exists which is me, the soul, and this source consists of the mind which thinks. On the other hand, the brain is just a physical medium through which the soul functions. It is a medium which contains chemical and electrical activity corresponding to the entire thought activity of the mind, inside it. The thought activity is inside the mind and is non-physical and the chemical and electrical activity, which is caused due to the thought activity, is inside the brain and is physical. Do you know that every time you create a thought inside your mind, your brain produces weak but clear electrical signals corresponding to that particular thought? The method of recording and understanding these electrical signals is called EEG (Electroencephalography), which also gives us an idea of the thought activity that exists inside the mind. This is similar to the method of ECG (Electrocardiography) which records the electrical activity of the heart.

There is also a group of respected people around the world who belong to different spiritual organizations. There are many people from different fields of life like engineering, medicine, business, education etc. who have dedicated their lives to the spiritual upliftment of people. They are serving in their respective fields, along with performing spiritual service.  All these people from various backgrounds have recognized and experienced that they are energies of consciousness or souls, who are running their physical bodies, which is the most basic principle of spirituality. Also, there are people in the world who have experienced themselves as separate from their physical body and brain in meditation and also through near death and out of body experiences. 

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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