Seeds of a relationship

October 7, 2023


Seeds Of A Relationship

An incorrect belief that many of us carry is that relationships are about behaving and speaking in the right manner. This is because we think people see, know and judge only what we speak and do. We think they cannot sense what we think, so we don’t pay attention to our thoughts about them. Ask yourself – have you ever created negative thoughts and positive words, believing that the other person can only hear your words? Have you ever said to someone that it was wonderful meeting them, even though you are creating thoughts of boredom? We need deep checking and a constant awareness to see how we are different in our thoughts, words and actions. Relationship is not just a label of a role or a responsibility – parent child, husband wife, brother sister, friends, senior junior or two strangers. Relationship is an exchange of energy between two souls. Each soul creates energy of thoughts, words and actions. Any soul with whom we are exchanging this energy, at that moment we are in a relationship with them.

We create around 25 to 30 thoughts per minute; we may speak around 3 to 4 lines in a minute and may perform 1 to 2 actions in a minute. Since the number of thoughts is much more and thought energy travels faster than sound, thoughts become the basis of the relationship. Also, thoughts are created even if we may not be physically present with each other. So, the number of thoughts we create for another person is much more than the words we speak to them or our behaviour towards them daily. Let us take care of our every thought, for every soul, at every time, remembering well that this is the foundation of our relationship. If we wish to change the quality of any relationship, we only need to check our thinking about them. Change our thoughts and the relationship will change.

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