Stop entangling with people’s energies

January 8, 2024

Stop Entangling With People’s Energies


Often, we try to change people’s way of being and living, in the name of responsibility. In doing so, we come into conflicts and get entangled in their energy fields. If we connect to the energy field of someone carrying negative sanskars, they become a part of our vibrations and we experience negativity. If you examine your energy field, do you think it would have stains of other people’s emotions like pain, anger or confusion in it? Did you know that when we entangle with other people’s emotions by churning about their weaknesses, getting into conflicts, or through emotional attachments we absorb their energy and make it a part of our aura? Our purpose is to vibrate at a high-frequency with a pure energy field. Coming into interaction with several people routinely is unavoidable. But entangling with them is a questionable behaviour since it does more harm to us than them. People might have weaknesses. And our opinions are going to differ from theirs. But if we keep thinking or speaking about them, or if we come into conflicts, we deplete our energy. In a vulnerable state, we absorb their negative vibrations. This is emotional entanglement. Let us remain focussed on our sanskars and our energies. Remind yourself – I am a happy being. I don’t entangle with people. My aura has only the pure thoughts and emotions that I choose.

Start experiencing your inner peace and inner power. As you focus on keeping your aura clean, your purity will attract similar energies into your life. Remind yourself – I am a powerful being. I have the art of loving people unconditionally, without getting attached to anyone.

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