Team meetings and how to be a part of them

December 9, 2023

Team Meetings And How To Be A Part Of Them


A team meeting provides a chance to learn, share and collaborate to work towards a common goal. Often, we carry our ego and impatience into a meeting. This is when a dialogue turns into an argument. 

  1. Team meetings are an opportunity to share and learn something new which you can apply to your work or personal life. It is also a time to meaningfully connect with people.
  2. On the day you have a meeting planned, meditate in the morning for an inner preparation of how your mind is going to be in the meeting, while executing your list of things to do. Visualize yourself in the meeting with your team – listening patiently, stating your views respectfully, standing for the right, empowering others to think right.
  3. To accept people in a meeting does not mean that you allow anyone to do anything. It just means you hold on to your values and radiate your pure intentions without getting disturbed. By carrying the right attitude, you motivate others to bring out their best. 
  4. You may have the best idea in a meeting but detach from your idea while listening to others. Be ready to change your opinion if needed. Intention should only be to benefit the aim of the meeting. Intention should never be to impress or please people. Do not doubt your idea just because others reject it.

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