The importance of thought energy in relationships (part 1)

January 17, 2024

The Importance Of Thought Energy In Relationships (Part 1)


Relationships can be defined on the surface as a state in which two or more people are connected, the state of being related. If we define more deeply, the way in which two people, talk to and behave and deal with each other. Spirituality sees relationships from a deeper perspective – relationships are not only what we do or say to each other, but are built on the basis of what we think about each other. So relationships, when seen from a spiritual point of view, are an exchange of energy at the level of thoughts and feelings, and then words and actions after that. 

Relationships are one of the most important wealth of our lives and give us happiness. In order to make them successful i.e. to create the wealth of positive relationships and to experience joy through them continuously, it is important to base them on the right belief systems. One major incorrect belief that we carry inside ourselves with regards to our relationships is that relationships are all about behaving and talking in the right manner. This is because we think people see, know and judge only what we speak and do, they do not sense what we think, and so we don’t give enough importance to our thoughts. But thoughts are more in number and being a more powerful and subtle energy, travel faster than words. When we interact with someone let us take care that along with the right actions, our thoughts are also right. If we have negative thoughts containing any type of negativity of hatred, greed, jealousy, resentment, selfishness, ego, etc. and we perform positive actions filled with the energy of virtues, neither will we be internally content nor will we be able to satisfy the other person. In all our relationships, it is the intention, the packets of thought energy or vibrations that we transmit, which matter more than the action. Giving importance to the inner intentions while coming into relationships is true transparency in relationships. 

We shall further explain the importance of thought energy in relationships in the next two days’ messages with some common examples.

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