The importance of thought energy in relationships (part 2)

January 18, 2024

The Importance Of Thought Energy In Relationships (Part 2)


Husband-wife relationships, sometimes, are like castles of sand, extremely pleasing to the eye, but based on weak foundations and can collapse anytime. This happens when they are challenged by negative tides of clash of opinions, personalities or lifestyles. In such relationships, the castles look good from outside because of energies like acceptance, trust, understanding and letting go existing on the surface. These positive energies are displayed by both partners to each other in the form of words and actions. But these castles can easily collapse because the foundations of these castles are weak. The foundations are thoughts and feelings carried by the partners in their minds, which are filled with expectations, rejection, mistrust, misunderstandings, possessiveness and suspicion at times. These exist along with the positive emotions which are displayed in actions. Also, both partners feel they have made their respective positive contributions in the relationship and so the same is expected from the other side, which is not fulfilled at times, further increasing the problems in the relationship. At the same time, both partners are not aware of the negative emotional, much more powerful forces that exist inside them, which go against the positive contribution. These negative energies are silently working on the castle of the relationship from below, ready to bring it down anytime.   

Another e.g. – in corporate circles, apart from the external objective of profit making and generation of revenue and jobs, an important internal objective of any good corporate organization is creating a peace, love and happiness filled as well as obstacle free atmosphere in the company. This will be helpful to the external objective. One spiritual principle states that the leader or CEO or Managing Director of the organization is like a seed of the organization. His every thought reaches out to and influences every person of the organization as well as the organization as a whole. A second spiritual principle states that the internal ruling and controlling power of a leader of an organization is directly proportional to the handling (of the people of the organization) power of the leader. If in the inner boundaries of the leader’s mind, obstacles of waste and negative thoughts exist i.e. the inner atmosphere of the leader’s mind is not full of peace, love and joy, then as per the first spiritual principle, this gets transmitted to the people working with him. Also, as per the second spiritual principle, such a leader who is lacking in mind ruling power and mind controlling power is automatically lacking in handling power of people working with him. Such a leader, due to the application of both these principles, is ineffective in creating a positive environment in the organization.     

                                                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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