Think only of what you want in your reality

December 8, 2023

Think Only Of What You Want In Your Reality


We all know that our thoughts create our reality. If we want to change anything in our reality, we need to change our thoughts. If we keep thinking about our present reality, the energy of our thoughts radiates to our present and intensifies it. But if our thought vibration and karma match our desire, the desire manifests into reality.

Sit back and see how as a master of the mind, you think of only your desire and influence your destiny.

Affirmation –

I am a powerful being. I use the power of my thoughts to create a desired destiny. I can do anything I want to do… I think only about what I want my reality to be.. No matter what my past was or my present reality at the moment are… my thoughts from this moment create my future. I think and visualize only and only of what I want, as though it has already happened. I don’t use words like I should, I want to … I say I am, I already have. If I am uncomfortable with a sanskar, I create thoughts and visualize myself having the new sanskar. If I am ill, I create thoughts of being perfectly healthy. If there is conflict in a relationship, I create thoughts of harmony… if there is an issue at workplace, I create thoughts of a solution. My thoughts help me take right action in the direction of my desire. The vibrations of my desire radiate to my mind and make me resilient…they radiate to my body and improve my body language. They radiate to my situation and influence it… my thoughts change my reality … to match my desire.

Repeat this affirmation a few times to unleash your thought power. Your mind will eventually create only pure and positive thoughts and your right thoughts will energise people and situations and bring out the best in every scene.

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