What you believe is what you achieve

January 30, 2024

What You Believe Is What You Achieve


Do you wonder where the set of beliefs gathered along life’s journey have come from? Whatever you believe about happiness, love, respect, anger or stress were mostly thrusted on you based on your social conditioning. Have you paused to evaluate them, to accept what is right and discard any limiting belief? Every situation is perceived through our belief system. Quite literally our lifestyle relies on it – the quality of our thoughts, feelings, attitude, habits, personality and finally our destiny. This means what we believe has a dominating influence on our destiny. We cannot afford to hold a single wrong belief. The society spread limiting beliefs like: Anger is necessary, Happiness is in achievements, Stress is natural, People and situations decide how I feel, and so on. Believing Anger is necessary, we used anger repeatedly. So even if we wanted to be peaceful, it was temporary. Experiment with a new belief: Anger is damaging, love is the way to get work done. This will make love and happiness natural. Let us replace layers of incorrect beliefs with empowering ones. Remind yourself: I evaluate every belief and adopt what is beneficial. All my beliefs keep me happy, healthy and in harmony with my world.

Have you paused to check how many beliefs you have adopted and lived with, since childhood? Have you evaluated beliefs about yourself other people or about the world, before owning them? Or do you just accept the beliefs instilled in your mind by your family, education, society or your past experiences? Our beliefs are the absolute truths for us. Belief System is comparable to a computer’s Operating System. It drives our life – our thoughts, words and behaviour. Holding a single wrong belief can be very damaging. Let us consciously check and change limiting and incorrect beliefs that are holding us from living a beautiful life. Sit back and prepare your mind to check and clear beliefs that are obstacles to your own growth, wellbeing and success.

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