Your vibrations influence deeper than your words

November 15, 2023

Your Vibrations Influence Deeper Than Your Words

Many a times people reject our advice although it is beneficial to them. If they don’t want to change, their ego can block our words. However, thought communication is faster and more powerful than communication through words and actions. If we radiate the same advice through our pure thoughts, people cannot escape the influence of our vibrations. 

  1. Sometimes people may not accept your advice or suggestion due to their ego, and at other times they may lack the power to implement your words. Do not argue with them, criticize them or insist in front of them.  Use your thought power to positively influence them.
  2. Remember that every thought you create for someone, is energy which travels as vibrations. It crosses barriers of space and time, reaches that person and influences them.
  3. During meditation, emerge the person on the screen of your mind. Send them pure, positive and powerful thought vibrations of the changes you desire to see in them. It could be relating to their health, happiness, habits, career, relationships, finances … anything.
  4. Even during the day, create powerful thoughts for people. For example, create thoughts for someone’s health as – He is a happy being. Every cell of his body is filled with power and purity. His treatment is giving him perfect health. Your vibrations will elevate their energy field or aura and empower them to fight any illness.

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