Wings of brahma kumaris

Rajyoga education & research foundation
The Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RE&RF)

RE&RF was registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI, in 11 August 1982 as an educational & charitable Society. RE&RF executes its various responsibilities with the help of its 20 constituent wings, each of which is dedicated to the service of specific sections of our society. Its main objective is:

Administrators service wing - rerf

 Administrators’ Service Wing

  • To foster and support moral and ethical behaviour in individuals in executive and administrative positions in both public and private institutions.
  • To facilitate the ability of administrators and executives to ‘lead by example’.
  • To provide training in Self Management and Raja Yoga Meditation as a means of stress management and other skills which enable value-based, spiritually empowered administrative practices.
Agriculture rural development wing - rerf

Agriculture & Rural Development Wing

  • To improve the condition of rural children and youth through leadership programmes, child development camps, and character development programmes which emphasise moral values.
  • To eliminate mistrust, superstition, blind faith and unhealthy social practices through awareness campaigns, slide shows and lectures.
  • To foster healthy lifestyles through educational programmes in health and hygiene, special medical camps, and exhibitions and lectures aimed at reducing the incidences of smoking drinking, tobacco chewing and drug addiction.
  • To eradicate illiteracy through value-based educational activities for the young, as well as adult education programmes.
  • To enable individual spiritual empowerment of the indigenous masses through courses in Raja Yoga meditation.
Art & culture wing - rerf

Art & Culture Wing

  • Promotion of the spiritual empowerment of artists and performers.
  • To bring about  spiritually empowered culture based on spiritual and moral values.
Business wing - rerf

Business and Industry Wing

  • To encourage the attainment of individual excellence and collective satisfaction.
  • To inspire and activate business and industry to move towards their highest potential.
  • To induce the consciousness of responsibility and service.
  • To provide educational training programmes.
  • To inspire businessmen and industrialists to become instruments of change for a new world order of global peace and harmony.
Education wing - rerf

Education Wing

  • To provide training and refresher courses for educators which will enable the spiritual empowerment of the educators themselves as well as their students.
  • To support dedicated, devoted educators in being inspiring and effective role models.
  • To give moral and spiritual education as well as instruction in Rajyoga meditation to teachers in various schools and colleges.
  • To strengthen confidence, courage and commitment to value-based education and other innovative, uplifting educational measures.
  • To re-establish, through education and research, a society based on spiritual, moral and human values.
  • To remove ignorance, superstition, and social evils through spiritual education.
  • To raise awareness through education and counselling about the negative effects of alcohol, drugs and tobacco.
It wing - rerf

Information Technology Wing

  • To introduce the basic concepts of meditation and spirituality in very gentle, interactive and practical way through various events.
  • To make simple and profound principles of Rajyoga Meditation accessible and applicable to IT Professionals so that they can lead peaceful personal life and productive professional life.
  • To give spiritual sustenance to the IT Professionals who practice Rajyoga Meditation through retreats/programs.
Jurist wing - rerf

Jurists Wing

  •  To facilitate and support the application of moral values    and ethical behaviour within the legal and judicial      systems.
  •  To foster lawfulness in the general public through    education in spiritual and moral values.
  •  To promote love and logic in the dispensing of justice.
Media wing - rerf

Media Wing

  • To inspire media personnel to take up the challenge of promoting positivity in an industry which perpetuates negativity.
  • To encourage media responsibility in promoting religious harmony, national solidarity and national character and in protecting the interests of the weak, victimised and voiceless millions.
  • To discourage media malpractice in the form of misreporting, slandering, giving undue attention to violence, obscenity and vulgarity.
Medical wing - rerf

Medical Wing

  • To develop awareness among the masses of the importance of maintaining a healthy life-style.
  • To reintroduce the ancient concept of holistic health care into the practice of modern medicine and affirm the role of meditation in developing a healthy world.
  • To encourage a high standard of ethics and exemplary conduct among medical and health professionals.
    To provide an environment in which distinguished medical scientists and specialists can dialogue and exchange experiences.
  • To conduct and publish research into the psycho-physiology of Raja Yoga Meditation and its application in the prevention of sickness and promotion of health.
  • To encourage public and professional responsibility in meeting the World Health Organisation’s objectives.
Politicians service wing - rerf

Politician’s Service Wing

  • The wing aims to support politicians in their difficult task of leadership in these tumultuous times. In the modern world, politics attracts very little appreciation. Much of this is due to a history of corruption and graft which has led people to a response of mistrust. Part of the wing’s objective is to encourage and support those politicians who are working from a set of principles that guard their integrity at each step. It is this aspect of values that has heretofore been missing in the political arenas of recent times.
Religious wing - rerf

Religious Wing

  • To stress the parallel and common points, values and practices between the religions as well as the elements of love and reconciliation asserted by all faiths.
  • To inspire people to follow, in practice, the teachings of their respective religious traditions rather than putting emphasis on ritual or proselytisation.
  • To promote religious harmony by bringing religious leaders together in an atmosphere of co-operation, dialogue and meditation or prayer.
  • To encourage members of all faith traditions to develop a broad and liberal attitude as well as a spirit of accommodation and reverence towards those of other faith traditions.
Scientist & engineering wing - rerf

Scientists and Engineers Wing

  • To bridge the gap between science and spirituality.
  • To enable scientists and technologists to lead a happy & self-fulfilling life.
  • To help scientists and engineers cope with stress, adapt to change and work in ways reflective of the needs of humanity.
  • To stimulate new thinking about the role of science and technology in creating a sustainable future.
  • To educate the scientific community about values and help them integrate spiritual and ethical values into the areas of science and technology.
  • To raise awareness about underlying spiritual causes of environmental dangers.
  • To undertake programmes of scientific research in Rajyoga.
Security services wing - rerf

Security Services Wing

  • To strengthen security forces personnel internally to enhance their efficiency and help them take quick and correct decisions in challenging situations;
  • To help security forces personnel cope with the stress caused by the hazardous nature of their work;
  • To raise the morale of security personnel by making them self-aware and fostering their innate spiritual qualities.
Shipping & aviation tourism wing - rerf

Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Services Wing

  • To promote peace through shipping, aviation and tourism, which bring people together;
  • To help those working in these sectors overcome stress and worry;
  • To help people in these sectors discover their true identity by undertaking a spiritual journey into their inner world.
Social wing - rerf

Social Service Wing

  • To awaken in people a sense of service and inspire them to engage in spiritual social service;
  • To raise public awareness in order to bring about the eradication of social evils such as child marriage and bride-burning;
  • To offer spiritual education and a simple system of meditation which can aid the eradication of substance abuse and addiction.
Sparc wing - rerf

SpARC Wing

  • Inviting specialists to do research and enhance their understanding of the physical and the metaphysical.
  • Inspiring scientists and research scholars to channel their creative potential towards the establishing/building a better world.
  • Initiating joint projects with other institutions and individuals for sharing similar goals.
  • Providing an infrastructure based on electronic communication facilities to make collaborative work by experts around the world.
  • Developing a library of reference material on diverse subjects related to the above research and providing facilities to research scientists to conduct experiments for the same.
Sports wing - rerf

Sports Wing

  • The basic purpose of this wing is to help sports persons to understand the psychological aspects for enhancing sports performance as they have to face the challenge of competition. Sometimes, it happens that they are unable to tap their potential in the moment it counts, even though they are able to achieve higher standards, something inside is blocked and their whole preparation becomes worthless. Therefore, the wing focuses on the development of inner strength and the improvement of the inner state of mind through which one can achieve an optimum level of concentration, motivation and relaxation.
Transport & travel wing - rerf

Transport and Travel Wing

  • To control emotions with balanced state of mind.
  • To enhance concentration for excellence in profession.
  • To Inculcate moral, ethical and spiritual values in members of society connected with this field.
  • To give special training to change thought processes to overcome anger.
  • To enhance self-control to give up drugs and alcohol by self-discipline.
  • To build up self-confidence by higher concentration of mind.
  • To rediscover the inner resources.
  • To conduct separate Residential Training Programmes for all categories of officers and staff members.
  • To organise from time to time seminars workshops and talks for spiritual orientation.
Womens wing - rerf

Womens Wing

  • To provide opportunities in which women can learn meditation and gain spiritual empowerment.
  • To raise women’s awareness of their potential while raising men’s awareness of women’s contributions.
  • To encourage women to embody moral and spiritual values and provide children with good role models.
  • To encourage women to make the home a peaceful, happy, tension-free place.
  • To empower women to combat the social evils of obscene literature/films, treatment as a sex object, early marriage, and the dowry system of bride-burning.
  • To enable women to play an effective role in relieving society of alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, and other negative social habits.
  • To help women to play a leading role in eradicating ignorance, blind faith, religious intolerance and war.
Youth wing - rerf

Youth Wing

  • To awake them towards their responsibilities, Youth Wing has been organising different types of programmes since 1985 in slums, villages, schools, colleges, youth institutions and many other organisations. Through spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga Meditation, one can develop self confidence, self-reliance etc which in turn increases the courage to work for the betterment of the society.