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About the Summit

India with its rich spiritual heritage is looked upon as a lighthouse to provide a solution to this man-made crisis.We believe with like-minded souls globally together we will be instrumental to fix this challenging task & enlighten the world with Divine Wisdom for New Era. The objective of this Global Summit will be to discuss & decide the way forward to expedite & expand reach as well as network of this like-minded enlightened members in, this transformation journey and create ‘Sukhmaya Swarnim Sansaar – Prosperous Golden World’ with cooperation & compassion.

Honoured Dignitaries

Senior Rajyogis

Additional administratice head brahma kumaris
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Golden Opportunity to listen & interact with Sister Jayanti & Sister Shivani

Award Ceremony

Guardians of humanity award

Guardians of Humanity Award

Brahma Kumaris is proud to invite and felicitate the persons who are promoting Unity, Peace and Harmony in the world; contributing to prevent regional conflicts or war, by settling the disputes of political, diplomatic and economic nature through spiritual means & also developing methods to minimise threats, eradicating poverty and confusions within mankind. Our core spirit is to strengthen peace, social justice & inter-religious collaborations.


Jewel of India Award

Brahma Kumaris, who have always inspired dedicated service for humantarian cause, will also focus on the exceptional lifetime achievement of entrepreneurs whose overwhelming passion and innovation made them excellent leaders and whose lives have been characterized by determina on, lofty idealism, principles and values , dedication, altruism, indefa tigable spirit & exceptional soul power.


Rashtra Chetna Puraskar Award

Brahma Kumaris would honour the Media personalities embodying the true spirit of Media and Public Journalism, following highest ethical standards; standing up for moral courage, truth, integrity, and independence; and in bringing out truth bravely even in the face of difficulties and oppositions so that journalism fulfills its noblest aim to safeguard the ideals of democracy.

Guardian Of Humanity Awardees

Jewel Of Bharat Awardees

Rashtra Chetna Puraskar Awardees

Meditation Session

Cultural Performances



Brahma Kumaris Shantivan, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India