Monthly magazines & Newsletters published by Brahma Kumaris are available here in different languages for reading.

a monthly English publication, explores the essence of spirituality, promoting self-realization and inner peace. It shares personal stories, blessings, spiritual teachings, and more. Accessible digitally for your spiritual journey, with complete content available through subscriptions.

a monthly Hindi journal from the headquarters, blends spirituality and lifestyle. It offers articles, poems, service updates, and personal anecdotes. Access digital editions for a positive, soul-conscious outlook on life.

a monthly publication from Ahmedabad, is dedicated to nurturing spirituality and personal growth for Gujarati speakers. Its digital accessibility provides a convenient platform for engaging with spiritual content and insights.

Discover the Omshanti Media collection for service updates and global Brahmin family events. Dive into insightful articles and monthly highlights, connecting with a global spiritual community by clicking on specific years.

A bi-monthly Marathi magazine by Prajapita Brahmakumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, originally Amrut Kalash, since 1985. Renamed Amrut Kumbh from August 2007, it’s popular in Maharashtra, Goa, and Belgaum.

A Hindi monthly published since 1965, promotes spirituality and positivity. Targeting regular BK students, it offers spiritual lessons, personal experiences, blessings, and more. Celebrating 50 years of service.

Since 1985, the Youth Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, aligned with Brahma Kumaris , empowers youth for global transformation. Through discussions, brotherhood, spiritual awareness, exhibitions, and youth-focused publications, they work toward a brighter world.

Since 1982, the Education Wing of Brahma Kumaris has been running programs to instill values in society, including teacher conferences, student camps, teacher training, and tree planting. Collaborating with universities, they offer courses in “Value Education and Spirituality,” fostering positive change through thought research. Service reports are shared with members online.