16th May – Soul Sustenance
Unloading Your Pressure Baggage (Part 1) On a spiritual level, pressure can be defined as an external force acting on us divided by our ability to bear the force or resist it. Thus, force and resistance capacity are two variants in the equation of pressure. Everyone has different resistance capacities. Two people with different resistance capacities will experience different amounts of pressure on being subjected to the same magnitude of force. A feeling of pressure absorbs our freedom and gives us an experience of being ruled by an external entity. There are a lot of people who hold the belief that they can experience freedom only in the absence of an external force, which is almost impossible, since there is almost some force or the other exerted on the soul by ups and downs that takes place in the role that it plays through the physical body; which includes the physical body itself; profession; family; wealth, all types of relationships, etc. Even our own personality, thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. exert pressure on us at times. Apart from the resistance capacity, the other variant in the equation of pressure is not only force but our perception of what the magnitude of the force is. This depends primarily on the beliefs that we carry. Two people will perceive the same situation in their role (as explained above) as forces of different magnitudes. While we hold the belief that life events, people and their expectations from us, are the forces that are the causes of our pressure, we will be able to do little to change the habit of being pressurized. It is we who pressurize ourself and allow the outside to pressurize us. We can either go through our life journey while experiencing feelings of being emotionally imprisoned, confused, rushed and hurried, or we can do the same with the power of faith and determination, at the same time remaining patient and maintaining our inner emotional stability. In some cases, some of us put pressure on ourselves, because we carry the belief that a bit of pressure is good in order to achieve what we want; it provides us with positive energy and motivates us. So this is an example of perceiving a force in our life, a force which does not exist. Such kind of pressure can deceive us and give us a feeling of being beneficial in the short term but it can have harmful effects on us in the long term. Some others might not experience this pressure because they do not carry this belief at all and don't invite this force. (To be continued tomorrow…)    
15th May – Soul Sustenance
God As The Supreme Father, Teacher And Guru A. God As A Supreme Father - The Ocean Of Love 1. Gives us spiritual sustenance. 2. Fills us with immense love as a spiritual parent. 3. Gives us his supreme company at every step and in every action, which helps us become powerful and victorious over obstacles. B. God As A Supreme Teacher - The Ocean Of Wisdom 1. Shares wisdom. 2. Makes us full of many capabilities and qualities. 3. Teaches us how we can make our fortune of many births and remain happy throughout the World Cycle. C. God As A Supreme Guru - The Ocean Of Purity 1. Teaches us the method of meditation which helps us purify the soul and experience peace. 2. Guides us on the spiritual path. 3. Fills our life with many blessings and attainments which make us successful in every sphere of life.
14th May – Soul Sustenance
Being Non-Judgemental In Relationships As family, friends or colleagues we expect people around us to share their thoughts and feelings with us. But sometimes when they are upset or they make a mistake, they do not share it with us. They fear that we will become judgemental about them, reject them and react impulsively. So instead of talking to their loved ones, today people are preferring to confide in counsellors who are non-judgemental. Take this moment to see how you comfort people, being a counsellor to them, by being non-judgemental. Affirmation - I am a loveful being. I am compassionate towards everyone. I adjust ... I accept each one as they are. I radiate love and acceptance unconditionally... irrespective of who they are and how they behave. Acceptance and not expectations is natural for me. I understand that people I meet today will have different natures and qualities. Someone can be emotionally disturbed…someone could have made a mistake…even the biggest mistake…or someone could be in a dilemma. When they talk to me…. as a family member, friend, colleague… I internally withdraw and watch the quality of my thoughts and feelings towards them. I check my intentions and the attitude with which I am interacting with them…I keep them positive and pure…non-judgemental…I play the role of a counsellor… a facilitator who empathizes with them. I respect their feelings…I do not get affected by their behaviour and words ... They are different from me. I do not label anyone as wrong or bad. I don’t waste my energy judging them…criticising them…rejecting them. What they say or do may not be right for me, but as of now it is their truth ... it is right for them. I don’t create a thought that they are wrong or bad. I understand they are different. My acceptance radiates positive energy. My acceptance helps me get their acceptance. They feel healed…they feel comfortable talking to me…I listen to them attentively…caringly. I advise, instruct or discipline ... with love and respect. Repeat this affirmation a few times to not be judgemental about people. With that you accept them as they are and build strong relationships. You will also not hold them responsible for your emotions.  
13th May – Soul Sustenance
5 Ways To Bring Happiness In Every Moment Of Your Life 1. Increase Your Qualities And Share Them With Others - For experiencing happiness in every moment, look at yourself carefully and assess your good qualities and also check your weaknesses. Start improving your good qualities and give happiness to others with them and work on your weaknesses and make sure that no weakness gives sorrow to others. By doing this, you will experience everyone's blessings and be full of happiness. 2. Take Out Time For Yourself Every Morning - The most common thing many people do is to begin their day with reading the newspaper or checking their mobiles or watching television. This drains us of our spiritual treasures and makes us spiritually and emotionally weak, which reduces our happiness. Instead we need to give atleast 30 minutes to ourselves in the morning for spiritual empowerment. This will make us fulfilled, and we will be happy the entire day. 3. Remember One Point Of Wisdom The Entire Day - Everyday keep one point of wisdom in your consciousness and do three things with it - think about it deeply and understand it's meaning nicely, bring it into practice in every thought, word and action and lastly share it with everyone you meet. This will keep you happy and light always. 4. Talk To Yourself And Keep Yourself Free From Worry - A good way to feel happy the entire day is to be free of all burdens and surrender all your life's problems to God. The more you do that, the more God will protect you in every situation and you will never lose your happiness in any moment of your life. Having a heart to heart conversation with God from time to time in the day, inside your mind, will help in experiencing God closely. 5. Give Respect To Everyone And Talk Nicely About Everyone - For experiencing lightness and constant happiness, start respecting everyone from the heart and radiating good feelings and good words about them to everyone around. The more you do that, the more their qualities will start becoming your own specialties and you will become fuller and happier and smile every moment.
12th May – Soul Sustenance
Overcome Any Addiction With Thought Power People say - My body is demanding this substance. The craving is of the mind, not the body. De-addiction from tea, coffee, alcohol, drugs or any substance is all about the right way of thinking. Sometimes we become dependent on certain unhealthy substances and then reinforce the craving by saying - I cannot give it up, I am addicted to it. 1. Identify any substance you have been dependent on. Any addiction is more to do with our thoughts and less to do with the substance itself. We created a dependency by repeatedly consuming it, we have the power to change it. 2. You are the creator of your emotions and do not need substances to feel a particular way. Never say - This gives me happiness, I cannot live without this … These thoughts deplete your will-power and deepen your addiction. 3. Delete the word addiction from your vocabulary to remove it from your mind. Even if it is as simple as your morning cup of tea, say - I have my morning cup of tea and not - I'm addicted to my morning cup of tea. 4. Your body is not dependent on any substance, it is the mind which craves for things. Meditate every morning and visualize yourself free of any unhealthy habit. When the mind is powerful and happy, it does not need a substance to feel good.  
11th May – Soul Sustenance
Your Vibrations Influence Deeper Than Your Words Many a times people reject our advice although it is beneficial to them. If they don’t want to change, their ego can block our words. However, thought communication is faster and more powerful than communication through words and actions. If we radiate the same advice through our pure thoughts, people cannot escape the influence of our vibrations. 1. Sometimes people may not accept your advice or suggestion due to their ego, and at other times they may lack the power to implement your words. Do not argue with them, criticize them or insist in front of them. Use your thought power to positively influence them. 2. Remember that every thought you create for someone, is energy which travels as vibrations. It crosses barriers of space and time, reaches that person and influences them. 3. During meditation, emerge the person on the screen of your mind. Send them pure, positive and powerful thought vibrations of the changes you desire to see in them. It could be relating to their health, happiness, habits, career, relationships, finances … anything. 4. Even during the day, create powerful thoughts for people. For example, create thoughts for someone’s health as – He is a happy being. Every cell of his body is filled with power and purity. His treatment is giving him perfect health. Your vibrations will elevate their energy field or aura and empower them to fight any illness.  
10th May – Soul Sustenance
Am I Good God's Child? We are all God's beautiful children and each one of us has many unique specialities, which we are blessed with. God is our eternal spiritual father and mother, who is an ocean of wisdom, qualities and powers. We have a beautiful relationship with God and the relationship is full of deep love and regard for Him. God is with us at every moment of our life. Although we cannot see Him with our physical eyes, we can feel and experience Him with our mind and intellect. A very important aspect of a close and loving relationship with God is being a good child of God's. Let’s look at 6 things that should be there in good God's children and check ourselves - 1. They will be full of the goodness that is there in God and will radiate that goodness to each and everyone. 2. Good God's children will begin the day by remembering God and reading or listening to His spiritual wisdom. Whatever they experience in a relationship with God, they will share with others. 3. A beautiful characteristic of perfect God's children is truthfulness in their relationship with God. They will never do anything that God does not like or does not agree with. 4. Also, such children will always be busy in fulfilling different positive purposes that God has given them like - giving happiness to each and everyone, bringing everyone close to God and creating a positive unity in the world based on spiritual brotherhood. 5. Nice and obedient God's children will make positive changes in the self that God tells them to make and remove all negative personality traits from themselves. 6. Lastly, good God's children will be very humble and connected to God and remember at every step of life that if they are determined, God will help them always and they will never give up.  
09th May – Soul Sustenance
Newness At Every Step (Part 3) Life which is above the ordinary makes it full of joy. Also, a spiritual perspective of joyful living is talking to yourself at all times and seeing positives in life’s situations, no matter how negative they may be. Along with that, loving each one and spreading the energy of good wishes in every relationship of yours makes life beautiful and full of positivity. Do this, once everyday, remember all those whom you are close to and say – You are all special souls and I have a pure bond full of love with you all. It is my positive good wish that you all remain extremely happy and full of all qualities and also you overcome different life situations easily and experience success at every step. This is giving blessings to everyone. This is positivity in karma and not only positivity kept restricted at the consciousness level, which is theoretical. Remember, people are one of the most important aspects of our life. So, interactions with them, which are positive and full of love, make life enjoyable and full of newness. Even God should be admired and loved in a new light each day. In this way, a relationship with Him remains full of love and enthusiasm and not just a repetitive remembrance routine which is forgotten, once completed. In fact, God is our Father and Mother and even our Friend, Teacher and Guru. Remembering God through these different relationships and also remembering God’s different virtues or qualities is a way of loving God differently. E.g. you call God your Friend but do you experience that relationship with Him? Or you call God an Almighty source, but do you feel that might or power in your day-to-day life? So, everything you do should be full of variety and creativity, which will make life’s journey smooth and something to look forward to everyday.  
08th May – Soul Sustenance
Newness At Every Step (Part 2) A very important aspect of newness in our lives is a different perspective to life’s situations. A positive perspective makes life experiences more beautiful. A positive minded person with a positive perspective looks at life differently than a person with a somewhat negative mindset. Let’s say a person is facing a challenge at work and is not being able to come to a solution to overcome it. If he were to look at the current crisis in his life with a different perspective, he would arrive at a solution much faster and more easily than if he were to remain with the same perspective which he has been keeping for a long time. Solutions to problems can be arrived at magically at times with a different attitude and view point. But to make life full of new ideas and thoughts, one needs to fill the mind with fresh knowledge, not only from the world but also from spiritual sources which talk a lot about the self and also about God. Remember the more you know about yourself and about the Supreme Being, the wiser you will become and will look at life with a fresh perspective, which is the key to success. Also, looking at people’s specialities, in fact different specialities in different situations, adds a positive flavor to life. The same people will look different and nicer when you do that. Don’t forget, everyone has different specialities that we generally know and are aware of. Say, you are not on good terms with a person and you receive negative energy from that person regularly. See that person’s different specialities for a few days and you will never get tired of the situations involving him or her. This is practical positive thinking and also new thinking. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
07th May – Soul Sustenance
Newness At Every Step (Part 1) Living a life of positivity and creativity makes life a beautiful journey which one loves completely and enjoys to the fullest extent. Different thoughts, words and actions full of newness and enthusiasm are the driving energy of your life. Life should not be a routine with the same type of thoughts, words and actions everyday. On the other hand, life should be a journey full of happiness and variety with different types of events and not the same scenes and situations everyday. Also making a lot of interactions with different types of people everyday gives life a new touch of positivity and relaxation which would not be possible if we met the same people everyday. So, make it a point to meet new people everyday and give life a new meaning and purpose by doing different types of creative activities. Even in your job, look for different types of activities which give life a new purpose. Don’t become accustomed to a similar routine everyday which can make the job or even the house work a boring exercise. Be creative and bring newness at every step. Also, whenever you start your day, create a few positive thoughts or affirmations in your mind. Let them be full of success and a lot of determination which will keep you full of positive energy in the entire day, so that actions can be performed without getting tired. This is what joyful living is. Also, after every couple of hours in the day, stop your work for 3 minutes and check the thoughts in your mind. If they are going in the wrong direction, give them a new direction by meditating and creating a lot of powerful and positive thoughts or at times if you feel it more comfortable, experience silence in meditation by connecting with God, the Ocean of Peace. One is an expansion of thoughts and the other is packing up. Both are spiritual methods of empowering the mind. Both have their own benefits and help in mind control. Try either one depending on the situation. Also, throughout the day, talk to God and make Him a part of your life as you would make a close relative or friend, in the same manner. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
06th May – Soul Sustenance
How To Bless Yourself? We have all experienced the power of blessings of saints, parents, teachers, family and friends, on our life. A blessing means they create pure thoughts and words of happiness, health, harmony and success for us. Their vibrations influence our state of mind, raise our vibrations and change our destiny. If someone else’s blessing can create miracles in our life, why not we bless our own self? God bless you, All the best, May you be blessed might have been the most repeated wishes you received since childhood. You might have also travelled far and wide to seek blessings of elders, saints or someone you highly regard. Have you ever considered bestowing blessings upon yourself? We have all invoked blessings and experienced its power. By itself, a blessing doesn’t create miracles in our situations. It first creates a miracle in our mind, by shifting our mind to a high-vibrational frequency. And then our mind which has just become powerful, comes out into action to manifest the blessing into our reality. What most of us don’t realize is that we are qualified to bless ourselves (and others). Our every thought and word for ourselves can either be a blessing or the opposite of blessing. Low-energy thoughts and words of doubt, fear, failure or worry, radiate opposite of blessings for ourselves and block success. Let's shift to a vocabulary of blessings. Check and shift any low-vibration thought and word about the self in your inner and outer conversations, into a blessing. Remind yourself - I bless myself. I radiate the energy of the reality I want. My thought and word is a blessing for who I am and what I do. Repeat this affirmation a few times to bless yourself, acknowledge who you are and celebrate who you are becoming. You will gradually be more self-reliant and confident. Your blessings will eliminate negativity within you, and protect you from negative energies around you. Remind yourself - Blessing myself is an important part of my daily spiritual practice. The more I bless myself, the more I attract what I bless myself with.  
05th May – Soul Sustenance
Make Everyday A No-Complaint Day When was the last time we complained about a person or a situation? May not be long back… may be just yesterday. Our life is so beautiful, yet we engage in complaining again and again, finding faults and pointing at negatives. This daily habit stresses us, depletes us and prevents us from getting to the solution. Repetitive complaining indicates that something within us needs to change first, not what is happening to us. 1. Whether consciously or not, do you complain about people and situations? Does chaotic traffic, bad weather, tasteless food, or mistakes by family or colleagues bother you so much, that you tend to complain? 2. Like it or not, complaining seems to have become a way of life. In every scene, we have 2 options: First option is to flow with life by adapting and adjusting, so that our energy is in harmony with that of people and situations. The second option is to complain about the scene just because it's not the right way. 3. People are who they are, situations may not also change. Even if we need to change something, let us do it without complaining in our thoughts or words. We can use our energy to change what is not right, rather than waste it in complaining. Otherwise, by complaining we ourselves carry an unhappy energy with the way things are. It becomes a habit and soon, we will not be happy with our life. 4. Go without complaining for an entire day, come what may. Things outside will remain the same, but you will experience a positive shift internally. Then do the same everyday. Remind yourself - I am committed to making today a No-Complaint Day. I flow with life, with an energy of acceptance and respect.  
04th May – Soul Sustenance
Tolerate With Acceptance And Understanding Power to tolerate is our ability to remain internally unaffected when situations and people are not our way. The power involves extending openness and acceptance, and internally resolving any conflict with right understanding. It is about rising beyond our ordinary ways of reacting when scenes of life are not favorable. Tolerance comes with the knowledge that each soul is different from us. Their thoughts, feelings, perceptions are different from us. Their sanskars and karmic accounts were created on the journey of different births in different environments facing different situations. So we cannot question other’s behavior or sanskars. This understanding helps us accept people as they are. We reach a point where we easily tolerate different sanskars. We reach a stage where there is no feeling of having to tolerate. Power to Tolerate means we live and work with people with the understanding that different sanskars is the natural way to be. We do not waste our energy or get agitated thinking – why are they this way, how can they be like this. We do not try to control them or force them to change. We inspire and empower them and they chose to change what they find uncomfortable about themselves. Let us make a list of simple habits of people which we have not been able to tolerate so far. It is only a programming of our mind as we always told our self we cannot tolerate something or someone. Today let us create a thought – I accept this sanskar of theirs and from now their sanskar will not create any disturbance in my mind.  
03rd May – Soul Sustenance
Increasing Your Inner Beauty Time and again we hear that our real quality is not in making the physical body attractive, but in increasing our inner beauty. We all know deep down that a person’s inner beauty is more valuable than their physical appearance. Yet today the society is using cosmetics, makeup and even surgeries to look beautiful. 1. Do take care of your body to appear presentable. But focus more on inner beauty, which is the collective vibrations of your thoughts, feelings, attitude, behaviours, habits, values and personality traits. 2. Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge for at least 20 minutes to consciously create powerful, pure and positive thoughts. It's your quality of thinking which creates your feelings, and that will automatically reflect in your appearance. 3. If your physical weight increases, the first result is that your physical appearance is affected. In the same way, if your thoughts are heavy and pile up, then your inner beauty is affected. After every hour, pause to check for any thoughts of stress, anger, fear, worry or pain. Change them immediately. 4. Take care of yourself, have a healthy lifestyle, be cheerful, help others, and remain light. Your facial expressions, eyes, smile, gestures and body language are the indicators of who you are in the inside – pure and powerful.  
02nd May – Soul Sustenance
Don't Postpone Your Happiness Happiness is the one feeling we all seek to have at every moment. Yet, we ourselves make it conditional by programming our mind to postpone happiness, until something desirable happens. By postponing happiness to a point in future when our desires would be fulfilled, we spend our present worrying about what if our goal is not achieved. And where there is fear, happiness cannot exist. Sit back and see how you train your mind to experience happiness all along your journey, while achieving your goals. Affirmation - I am a happy being. I am happy in every scene of life. I play so many roles…have so many responsibilities…set so many goals…I take care of my state of mind while working on all of them… I remain happy and then do everything. My happiness is not dependent on my accomplishments, possessions or relationships. I don’t postpone happiness to until my goal is reached. I don’t wait for happiness…search for it…chase it… look to buy it… demand it…postpone it…or tie it to an accomplishment. Happiness is within me…it is my choice…it is my creation. Irrespective of people’s behaviors…irrespective of situations…I remain happy. I remain happy before setting a goal…while working on the goal…after reaching the goal. Happiness is in my way of thinking along the way… my happiness radiates to my situations…influences a positive outcome…makes me successful. Even if I don’t reach my goal, I remain happy…my state of mind is not dependent on anything outside of me. I don’t need to do anything to be happy… I am a happy being. Repeat this affirmation a few times not to not put off your happiness to another day. When you take charge of your happiness, you will find joy in everything you do. You will appreciate every experience and boost your positivity.  
01st May – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Criticize People, Correct Them With Respect We hold the purest intention for everyone, but we project our frustration by criticizing people when they are not our way. Criticism has vibrations of anger or rejection, so apart from creating hurt in the one being criticized, it depletes our inner power. If we remain stable and give the same feedback, it’s beneficial. Have you been in an interaction where you gave the finest of feedbacks possible, yet the other person understood it as criticism and rejection? Is your instruction or suggestion often thought to be harsh and insulting? Does that make you stop advising people, as you are unsure how to relay it effectively? When giving feedback, how we say it matters more than what we say. Our intentions for family, friends and colleagues is pure, but we need to take care of our energy when conveying the feedback. If we are critical, the other person becomes defensive, depleted and hurt. He holds us responsible for the pain and the negativity radiates back to us. Criticism is emotional abuse. It targets the person and rarely focuses on their act. We need to give feedback with an energy of understanding, love and respect so that the other person accepts it and becomes willing to transform. The next time people behave or work in different ways which do not match your definition of right, empower them. Speak softly, use fewer words and guide them. Remind yourself - I empower people with my polite and helpful feedback. I create transformation and earn their blessings. Accept people and finish criticism. Shift from controlling and authoritative ways, to being compassionate and caring. Once you stop criticizing, you will increase your ability to appreciate life more. Remind yourself - I correct people with respect and dignity. I give feedback on the task that has gone wrong and help them to correct.  
30th April – Soul Sustenance
Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 5) To conclude, we all know that every individual is inherently good. A little shade of the incorrect or improper personality exists inside each one, however light the shade is. We also know that this shade was not there originally in the soul but is an acquired one. And also the person with the negative shade, in most cases, does become aware of it, in times of silence and self-reflection and is also making an effort to remove it so that no discomfort or sorrow is caused to anyone because of it. Along with the negative shades, every person possesses many positive personality traits which are their strengths. Now when we are having an exchange of negative energies with such a person, what does a spiritually sensible person do? Be aware of those light shades of negativity of the other person, which are coming into action at that time. But also at the same time, he or she focuses on so many positive colours of the personality of the other, colours that he or she may have seen or heard about from others many times in the past. Also, an accompanied realization that even I have my share of negative shades which I am working on removing, makes this vision easy to practice. Practiced consistently, this kind of positive vision accompanied by a deep hearted appreciation of the positive personality colours of the other person is mercy in action. This mercy is a shade of pure soul-to-soul love. Such appreciation makes it easier for others to reflect on and see what they need to do to change. But the first impact of this appreciation is on me, in keeping me free of negative and waste thoughts internally. So appreciating the other’s strengths in my mind and emerging them in my consciousness at such a time is very important as this not only keeps my perception, which is susceptible to being influenced by the negative at that time, clean, but also reaches the other person on an energy level. Also he or she is inspired and empowered to bring those strengths into action, as a result playing his or her part to end the negative energy exchange. This is spirituality at its most magical. I'll not only have removed a source of pain, which is the negative shade of the other’s personality in this case, which is coming into action; I'll have grown spiritually as well.    
29th April – Soul Sustenance
Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 4) One of the root causes of negative energy exchanges between any two people is a clash of personalities or natures. This can happen between two people who are wrong or between two people, one of whom is right and the other is wrong and also not very uncommonly between two people who are both right in their own unique way. This happens simply because sometimes personalities of two people are correct, their ways of working are correct, their ways of thinking are correct, but they differ. This clash of personalities causes irritation on both sides, which becomes hatred, which becomes anger, causing hurt on both sides. How does one correct this? An important method for this is the sacrifice of the ego. Very often the cause of negative energy exchanges between two people who are both right is subtle ego on both sides, which ends when one of them sacrifices his or her ego. It is often said that the one who sacrifices his or her ego, is worthy of receiving the blessings in a group of people of varying personalities as he or she brings about harmony in relationships. The one who sacrifices the ego is mature and humble enough to realize that the responsibility to bring to an end negative energy exchanges with a particular person lies with him. Such a person has a soft intellect and realizes the significance of moulding or adjusting himself as the situation demands and how that can bring to an end the exchange. Such a person is like an ocean of good wishes. He will sacrifice his own interest, sacrifice the I am right consciousness, sacrifice the Things should be done the way I like consciousness and put the interest of the other first. Also he will give up his own name and glorify the name of the other. Such a person will very commonly praise the other and his way of working as well as his personality either individually or in a group. Such a person becomes a teacher and friend for the person with whom he was exchanging negative vibes prior to that, becoming an instrument to bring to an end the negative exchange of energy. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
28th April – Soul Sustenance
Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 3) A simple positive response in breaking the cycle of negative energy exchanges with another person is the deep inner realization that the other soul is at that point of time lacking in the treasures of peace and love. The foundation for the realization should be a humble consciousness. Very often this realization is based on an egoistic consciousness, which instead of cooling the situation can make it more volatile on a subtle level. So based on this realization is an inner reminder to the self of my duty at that point of time - serving the other soul with the infinite treasures of God's love and peace, which I possess. So, pure donations at that time in the form of constructive positive and powerful thought vibrations for 5 minutes, once a day, does the work of a soothing balm of love and peace for the other person. Through this method, your feelings of lightness, contentment and goodwill reach the other person, with whom you have a problem. By doing that, these positive feelings transmitted to the other person pave the way for a realization inside the other person, of the negative that exists inside him or her. This negative is in the form of weaknesses and incorrect actions committed by the person, if any. The realization serves as a motivator for change. Also coming into contact with the other person with a cheerful face and colouring the other person with your enthusiastic company, a company full of the feelings of sweetness, happiness and contentment brings about transformation in the other. This is because our actions become teachers for the other and the other person becomes more humble and is inspired to become like us. Also donations in the form of humble and soft words, words that are few but invaluable, help in bringing to an end the negative energy exchanges. Also, they win the blessings and good wishes of the other as well as people connected with the situation. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
27th April – Soul Sustenance
Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 2) The foremost method to break the cycle of negative energy exchanges with another person is one of self-transformation. The most basic level of self transformation is that I don’t react verbally to the other person with words. But, I mention the negative energy received from the other, in the physical forms of negative expressions, vision, words and actions, to others and create an atmosphere of negativity. This also gives birth to negative perceptions of the person in others’ minds. In such cases, damage occurs on a physical level and damage control has to be done later, which sometimes is too late to do, since relationships have already been harmed. This is because those who we pass on negative information to pass on the information received from us, to others and sometimes even to the person who seemingly harmed us in the first place. The second and little deeper level of self transformation is where I not only don’t react but I don’t talk against the person to anyone, even to people who are close to me. But I continue to think negatively about the other person. In such cases, damage is reduced but still happens, unknowingly and invisibly, behind the curtains of physical eyes and ears, as my thoughts and emotions are not completely under my control. They are led to a direction, which is incorrect as per the basics of spiritual wisdom – sometimes willingly and sometimes I do not want them to be led there but they go in that direction unwillingly due to a lack of inner strength. These negative thoughts and emotions do reach the other person on a subtle level, harming relations with that person. The third and deepest level of self transformation is where I develop the power to change the quality of my thoughts and feelings as well. I am emotionally empowered enough to remove the flaw (weakness) in my own character that was at the root of my reactions, so that what used to pinch or hurt me so much will not do so anymore. Also, relationships get protected by doing that, which is something each one of us desires. This is the power of accommodation and self-transformation in action, at its best and possesses the potential to stop negative energy exchanges with the other. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
26th April – Soul Sustenance
Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 1) There are always those one or two people in our lives, just being in the company of whom, makes us uncomfortable and they will almost all the time do something or we will perceive their doing something, in such a way, so as to irritate us. Instead of simply accommodating the other person’s nature, we find our self pinched by their nature and actions based on that nature repeatedly, although that may not be the intention of the other person at all at times. The effects of these negative feelings, in the form of reactions, created by us in return, would be limited if they were restricted to us and were to cause discomfort only to us. But what these feelings do is that they start a cycle of negative actions and reactions inside us, whereby such harmful feelings keep reaching the other person. On receiving this energy, the other person in turn starts perceiving us negatively and reacts or thinks about us in a similar way and an emotional cold war begins between us and the other person. Negative thoughts, feelings, attitudes, words and actions are exchanged with each other from time to time and negative karmic accounts or bondages are created with the other person. These negative karmic accounts keep getting stronger and stronger. In such a scenario, even if we or the other person, from time to time, act or react in a positive way on a physical or non-physical level, that does little to break the negative bond and make the relationship positive. This is because a little bit of positive is accompanied by a lot of negative, and what it can do is only dilute the negative a little bit but not remove its effects completely. So, how do we break this vicious cycle of negative energy exchange? We shall discuss some methods for that in the next few days’ messages.  
25th April – Soul Sustenance
Let's Unite With God In His Task God is the Supreme Soul and the Supreme Father of all souls in the world. He is the Ocean of peace, love and joy. Today the world is lacking peace, love and joy and everyone in the world is looking upto God to bring everyone together and fill everyone's lives with peace, love and joy. Different negative situations of many types are disturbing the world and people living in the world. The more scientific advancement we are making, the more complex and technology driven our lives are becoming and our sanskars and physical and mental health along with our relationships are being impacted negatively because of that. Why is it that we don't have a way out of this and why one feels that there is no one other than God who can resolve this? God is the world monitor through the passage of time and when circumstances in the world require correction, He intervenes and does what is required best. At this present time, God is playing His role of creating a new world and needs the help of human beings and their mind, body and wealth as well as their thoughts, words, actions. This is because God is incorporeal or bodiless and stays in the soul world and human souls in the World Drama are on planet Earth playing their roles. In the physical world human beings perform actions for their own benefit and for the benefit of others. So, God makes human beings instruments, through whom He performs His task. Also, the purer we make ourselves through spiritual wisdom and meditation, the more we help in God's task and not only create happiness in our lives through the fulfillment the task gives us but also create goodness, positivity and success in the lives of millions of souls of the world and make their lives beautiful.  
24th April – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Equate Love With Meeting Expectations We routinely expect people to be and do things which are consistent with our own qualities, values and goals. If someone starts meeting our expectations to an extent, we believe they love us. We even mentally write scripts of how they will satisfy all our wishes, due to their love. And the day they fall short or do not conform to our needs for any reason, we become resentful. Take this moment to teach your mind that when people are not our way, it does not imply they do not love us. Affirmation - I am a happy being. I am happy being my way. I do not have expectations from anyone. I do not seek love from them. I am love ... I radiate love to all. I give advice .... without expectations. People may or may not obey me… They love me…but they may not be able to do as I say… I don’t equate their actions with their love for me. They love me but cannot do what I ask them to do at the moment… they cannot listen to me… they are unable to implement my suggestion… they behave as per their thought process…their nature...their capacity…their priority… which may not match with mine. I understand them. I do not expect them to be my way… I talk to my mind …I explain to it their perspective. My mind does not question their love for me… it listens to me and calms down. I respond with an energy of love and respect. I need nothing from anyone. Repeat this affirmation a few times to change the definition that whoever loves us does exactly what we want them to do. Once you detach love from expectations, understanding people and accepting them becomes natural.  
23rd April – Soul Sustenance
5 Ways To Remain Stable In Change 1. Remain With The Self And Introspect - When we see change of any type in our life, instead of getting influenced by the different scenes of change, we need to look inwards and access our reservoir of positivity and start creating thoughts of stability, peace and strength inside and then come back in action with a purpose to adjust with the situation. 2. Look Beyond The Current Situation - Often when we experience sudden changes in our life, in our health, wealth, family or work, we start worrying about what has happened, why it has happened and how will we cope with the change. Instead we need to look differently at the change with the eyes of wisdom and find benefit in the change. 3. Take Steps To Flow With The Change - Sometimes change takes us by surprise and we lose our way in life because we keep resisting the change and preventing it from taking place. But we need to know that change is a natural part of our life and it will happen from time to time. The more we flow with it and adapt to it, the lesser our thoughts will be and we will also save time and mental energy. 4. Bring Change In The Self And Move Ahead - In a change, look to change yourself and increase your strengths and coming closer to your perfect self. A change gives us a message that with the help of our inner treasures of peace, love, joy and power and also treasures of our thoughts and time, we can create new and beautiful situations that will benefit us and others at the same time. 5. Keep God With You And Ask Him For Directions - Some people remember God more when they find a difficult change in their life to deal with. But its wiser to remember God all the time. The deeper the connection the more sooner God gives us directions and protects us in the wave of change and also guides us through it.  
22nd April – Soul Sustenance
God - The Alpha Point Of The Universe   He is the most powerful spiritual energy in the Universe. If He exists the world exists, because His purity and power renews the world every time it depletes of spiritual goodness and power. We have talked to Him in our prayers, remembered him in our hymns, looked upto Him for thousands of years and waited for Him in every breath. He listens to our thoughts of love and respect and radiates His amazing spiritual brilliance to every soul and particle in the world and fills it peace, love and joy. The world that He creates is remembered in all religious books and regarded by every human being. It is called by different names worldwide - Swarg, Bahist, Heaven, Garden of Allah, Garden of Eden. He Is God - The Alpha Point, the Supreme Being, the Supreme Source of divinity - our Supreme Father, Mother, Teacher, Friend and Guru. The One who fulfills every dream that we ever have in our cyclic birth story. The more we love and respect this Spiritual Alpha Point, it will always be lesser than what He deserves. Let us thank and remember Him at every step in our lives. This is bringing Him in our heart and purifying it completely. That’s what He wishes from us and that’s the only thing we can give Him in return for every beautiful thing He has done for us.
21st April – Soul Sustenance
The Art Of Respecting Your Body   Our body which is our physical costume often becomes a target of judgment, criticism or rejection by us or others. For the ways it serves us throughout our life, it deserves gratitude. Focus should be on feeling happy and healthy, and not on appearing thinner, taller or fairer. Let’s become aware of thoughts and words about our body, especially when admiring someone else. Consciously change and send an energy of appreciation to the body we already have. It is easier to cultivate love and respect for our body once we stop judging others. Let’s not pay excessive attention to people’s appearance, dressing, diet or lifestyle. We need to schedule enough time to ensure that our body is clean, dressed comfortably, nourished properly, exercised adequately and rested sufficiently. Let’s notice what else goes into and around our body – sunlight, computer/phone light, spectacles/lens, earphones, soap, cosmetics, jewelry and so on. If it includes negative substances, let’s re-evaluate and consume only what is healthy. We often believe that our happiness depends on how our body looks. Casual statements like I am not happy about how I look send a very powerful negative message to the mind and the body. Truth is, how you look does not make you happy, but your happiness definitely makes you look good. People around you may have opinions about how your body looks but take care that you do not criticize or reject your body. I am too fat… I am dark … I am weak … every word says you are rejecting your body. Take care of your body, keep it fit, but do with energy of love and appreciation. Pause a few times today to appreciate and thank your body.
20th April – Soul Sustenance
Positive Thinking And Visualization   We constantly hear about thinking positive, cultivating a positive mindset, being positive, and so on. Let’s understand its meaning. Positive thinking means right thinking at every moment. We expect the best, visualize the best to happen, but we also accept the outcome, whatever it may be. We accept that the outcome is accurate at this moment, according to our karmic accounts. This acceptance is a critical part of positive thinking. Sit back and see how you tune your mind for positive thinking - Affirmation: I am a powerful being. I am contented with every scene of my life. Everything is happening exactly as it is meant to be…. the right way and at the perfect time. I create only positive thoughts in every scene ... my thoughts reflect my peace, purity and power… I visualize only the best happening in the next scene…at home…at office…with friends…in every scene… I radiate my highest vibration to the scene with my right thoughts…. my vibrations elevate the next scene. Scenes today may not be my way. If people are not right, I record only one positive thought – It’s their nature, and their behaviour is accurate as per my karmic account with them. I respond with compassion and not rejection or hurt. Today situations may not be my way. I create only one positive thought – I understand this situation is as it was meant to be at the moment, accurate according to my past karmic accounts. My mind remains calm…no questions…no judgments…. I accept every scene. People can be their way ... situation can be the way it is meant to be ... I will be my way ... the right way ... and influence a positive outcome. My positive thoughts keep me happy and healthy. Repeat this affirmation daily. You positive thinking will shift from expectations to acceptance. You will also not record negative impressions about the scenes. Your mind learns a new, positive language and creates only right thoughts.
19th April – Soul Sustenance
Spiritual Roses Of The Supreme Gardener   The main features of physical flowers are their colour, form and fragrance, by which we judge their beauty. All these characteristics have their own unique importance. Introducing oneself to spirituality is like giving oneself into the hands of the Supreme Spiritual Gardener or God. Like a physical gardener who possesses qualities of patience, tirelessness, love, far-sightedness, faith etc., the Supreme Gardener is an Ocean of these qualities, which he uses to bring us up. As we remain under his sustenance and care, over a period of time, we blossom and are transformed into beautiful spiritual flowers, and our thorns fall away. 1. When we look at ourselves as spiritual flowers, our colour symbolizes spiritual wisdom. Depending on how we imbibe the wisdom shared by the Spiritual Gardener and bring it in our day-to-day lives; in our thoughts, words, actions and relationships; the more beautiful a colour we take. 2. Our spiritual form or consciousness is shaped depending on the quality of our connection or meditation with the Supreme Gardener. The deeper and stronger the connection or meditation, the more beautiful the form we have. 3. Lastly, our fragrance refers to divine qualities like purity, sweetness, humility, tolerance, carefreeness, and many more, which we develop. Physical flowers with a good colour, form and fragrance, attract everyone around them. Seeing and coming close to them, gives one an experience of joy. The same holds true for spiritual flowers. Roses are considered the best of all flowers, with the best colour, form and fragrance. Spiritual roses are those souls who continuously remain in a spiritual consciousness and spread the fragrance of that consciousness to others. Their thoughts, words and actions get shaped according to this consciousness. They have a deep relationship with the Spiritual Gardener and are always eager to ensure that others also experience that relationship and become spiritual roses; which is His deep wish for every soul. They help Him in fulfilling that wish.
18th April – Soul Sustenance
Make 6 Types Of Contentment A Part Of Your Life   Am I Content With Myself - Being content with myself, my sanskars, my thoughts, words and actions and also how I feel is very important for progressing in life. Also, we need to realize that those who are always content with themselves, radiate positive energy and attract positive circumstances in their life. Am I Content With Others - While playing my roles, responsibilities and relationships, we come in contact with different people, who have different sanskars. I need to check at every moment that am I content with each and everyone or is there someone I do not tend to like? Making each and every relationship beautiful gives me strength and makes me lighter. Are Others Content With Me - While contentment with others is extremely important, we also need to check whether others are content with me. The more beautiful and perfect I am in my sanskars and the more I think nice and positive for others, the more others come close to me and I get their certificate of contentment. Am I Content With God - Spirituality teaches us to make a beautiful relationship with God, without which our lives are incomplete and without fulfillment. As a Spiritual Father God gives us sustenance, as a Spiritual Teacher God shares wisdom with us and as a Spiritual Guru He teaches us how to connect to Him. While receiving these attainments from Him, I need to check if am I content with Him at every step. Is God Content With Me - God fills us with various qualities and powers and makes us beautiful souls. When I always follow God's instructions and don't disobey Him ever, I get His certificate of contentment and become filled with His love and blessings. Am I Content With My Life - We are the creators of all our life situations based on our actions of this birth and our previous births. This makes me content with my life and I accept every situation and create a positive future for myself by performing beautiful and positive actions in the present.
17th April – Soul Sustenance
Look At Solutions, Not At Problem   When a situation is not your way, do you label it as a problem, crisis, chaos or misfortune? In reality, it is just a scene of life, meant to be the way it is. Thinking about what already happened just because it did not match your expectations, destroys your inner power to fly over it. Any situation is not really the problem, our perception about it makes it a problem. The situation is only as big as our mind perceives it to be. We often radiate negative energy by blaming, judging, questioning or trying to control the situation, which is actually not in our control. Acceptance of what happened silences the mind. Our efficiency and decision-making powers increase. We start to see solutions and new possibilities in the stillness of our mind. Our calmness influences the situation and controls the situation. Let’s always be focused on what is in our control - our response. Resolve the situation and if nothing can be done, accept it with dignity. Remind yourself, I take responsibility of my state of mind irrespective of external factors. I am a master of my mind and a master of my situations. We have so many accomplishments over the years right from childhood, that we are really proud of. We must have faced many challenges along the way of achieving them. There might have been difficulties, interruptions or disagreements. Remember all those times to see how you crossed them. You will notice that whenever you were focused on solutions you would have got better results than when you were focused on the challenge itself. So, whether it is an issue in our health, in relationships, in a project, or in finances, let us cultivate a solution-oriented approach. Do not avoid or delay during challenges. As a problem-solver you start converting dreams into goals, and goals into reality. You can handle everything that comes in your way, with your solution-oriented mindset.
16th April – Soul Sustenance
Give Yourself An Emotional Detox   Are you in a habit of checking your phone or laptop every few minutes to read messages from different media sources? Do you evaluate the quality of information you consume? Do you listen, read and watch everything coming your way? Just as food nourishes the body, information nourishes the mind. Every piece of information we consume is a source of our thoughts. Today not just our phones but our mind is flooded with information. In the name of news and entertainment, we consume energies of violence, hatred, ridicule and manipulation. So our thoughts reflect shades of anger, fear and stress. We are what we read, watch and listen. To keep our thoughts pure and positive, we need to filter the information we are taking in. The next time we receive any message, let us reaffirm, I am on an emotional diet. The information I consume and share with others is pure, positive and powerful and fills me with happiness, harmony, kindness, sharing and caring. I delete negative messages without even going through them. I keep my mind and intellect positive and clean at all times. The digital world has made it challenging for some of us to reconnect with the real world. With media flooding our gadgets, we are all going through a content overdose. Most messages focus on negative stories, give us negative opinion about people, things and the world, and heighten the negative levels in our minds. Sit back and check how you control your daily media intake. When you consume only positive information, your mind has raw material to create only positive thoughts and feelings. You will help yourself immensely by avoiding gossip, judgment and insult – all in the name of entertainment or being well-informed. With less distraction and more time, your days will be more productive and relaxed. So enjoy your time online but maintain an inner awareness all the time of what you consume.
15th April – Soul Sustenance
5 Beautiful Aspects Of Success (Part 3)   4. Success at every step is also how humble and truthful we have been, while achieving various goals in different spheres of life. Humility is the biggest virtue of all. Anger and ego are humility’s biggest enemies and spoil the way people see us and feel about us in their hearts. No one likes arrogant people and people tend to remain away from such people instead of coming close and providing support to them. They not only loose blessings and respect but they also loose self-respect. Egoistic people are the most unhappy people inside and are always trying to dominate people with all that they achieve as their tools to do that. Tools like - I look good, I am intelligent, I am rich, I am smart, I have a beautiful personality, I am an achiever, My relationships are beautiful … Also, apart from humility, your honesty and truthfulness also make you successful. Some people reach big milestones in their life, but they have lied or indulged in dishonesty of some type or the other while reaching there, which is false success. 5. Lastly, success also means giving at every step. Being a giver of everything nice that you possess – physical or non-physical is a beautiful quality. Those who possess this quality are nice human beings who are successful in the right and complete way. So, always look at people with respect even if they do not possess what you possess. Also, instead of dominating people, influence and empower them. Even physical treasures of wealth and non-physical treasures of knowledge should be shared with people. Then you are a true giver and untouched by the negative influence of your attainments in life. Instead you take the attainments in your stride and never have a false ownership over them, which is true success. Picture Courtesy :- metamorworks from getty images pro
14th April – Soul Sustenance
5 Beautiful Aspects Of Success (Part 2)   2. Success also means increasing one’s overall quality of life. Very often we will buy an expensive car or expensive clothes for ourselves and also feel proud when we come in front of others with these accomplishments. Sometimes this pride even takes a negative shade of ego. Most people today are defining success with material assets and feel big homes and rich jewellery worn is success. But have we ever looked within and talked to ourselves that where are we heading? All this is not unimportant but it is high time we did not let these comforts define our lives. Buy the expensive mobile phone if you want, but not for people to see, because that is not success. Fulfill the dream of the best office space, but after achieving it, don’t say this is not enough, I want more. That’s where you go wrong and realize that success is incomplete without contentment, and that could have been there, even before the dream was achieved. What is the use if you work all your life for these dreams but never feel satisfied after achieving them? So, enjoy success in the journey, enjoy the nice people you meet, enjoy the beautiful things and different scenes of life, enjoy nature, enjoy God and enjoy just being yourself – always happy. 3. A very important component of success is living with people in beautiful relationships. Relationships are one of the most important aspects of life. This could be a relationship with people or God. Of course, a relationship with God is eternal and is with us in all our births and relationships with people change with every birth. But, relationships are important and carry immense meaning. So, success means at the end of your life, you say to yourself and feel from within that you have led a life making everyone happy and receiving happiness from everyone. Also, success is giving God immense importance at every moment of your life and thanking Him for everything you achieve. (To be continued tomorrow …) Picture Courtesy :- studioroman
13th April – Soul Sustenance
5 Beautiful Aspects Of Success (Part 1)   "We are all special human beings with a beautiful purpose of performing actions that benefit us and others in the best possible way. While working at the workplace, while going to the market, while studying, while interacting with family and friends or while looking after our physical body, we are always looking for success of every type. This is success at a physical level and also success at the level of the mind, which is complete success. Often, happiness and just being content is everything for many. Also, immense success of education, career and wealth can mean lots for some people and for some unless there is happiness while doing all this, it means nothing for them. Let’s explore 5 beautiful aspects of success while reading this message: 1. Success means fulfillment. We often look for the treasures of respect and good roles from the outside world. But, do we also look at the fulfillment of inner treasures of peace, joy and power from the inner world of our mind also? Sometimes, we have achieved a lot, but we are not satisfied as much as we should be. Also, you very commonly meet people who have reached the top of the career ladder, but they are either depressed or they are looking for another job or they feel frustrated because they have got the outer regard of people, but the heart-felt love and good wishes of people are missing in their life because of which they lack lightness and carefreeness. Some people have become ill physically and suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes or digestion problems, which are all after-effects of stress experienced, while reaching their destination of outer success. So, a balance between inner success and outer success, keeps you happy, healthy and lighter in the long run. (To be continued tomorrow …)" Picture Courtesy :- rattanakun
12th April – Soul Sustenance
10 Pearls Of Meditation (Part 2)   "5. Look in the mirror of God’s remembrance everyday and make yourself beautiful with all qualities and powers. You are a reflection of God’s goodness. Look at others with the vision of this goodness and they will also become beautiful. 6. Talk to God all the time. Tell him – You are my most valuable friend and companion. You are with me at every step. I hold your hand, I experience your blessings, I feel I am in your heart and I forget all my sorrows and difficulties. 7. Whenever you feel stressed, call God down from the soul world. Experience the Supreme Being of Light in your home, at your workplace, radiating his rays of power all around and making the atmosphere charged with positivity. 8. Every hour travel to God in the vehicle of soul consciousness and sit in front of him in the soul world. Unburden yourself, tell him your problems, take his guidance and experience his love. Become light and relaxed. 9. Your remembrance of God is a light house for the world. Visualize every evening for a few minutes – I am an angel of goodness and strength. I travel the entire world with God, radiating his light of qualities to everyone. 10. Express your love to God before sleeping. Write a letter to him. Connect with him through different relationships and sleep in his lap of the light of love, completely secure and protected from the world’s negativity." Picture Courtesy :- restyler from getty images
11th April – Soul Sustenance
10 Pearls Of Meditation (Part 1) "Meditation is a link with God to become pure and powerful. It is also an inner introspection and visualization of the spiritual self or soul and the Supreme Being or God. We become stable, more loving and completely peaceful by learning to meditate and practicing it regularly in the day and everyday. We are sharing in this message a beautiful collection of 10 different pearls of meditation. Every pearl is a rich inner experience that will bring us closer to the Supreme and make our life valuable and filled with goodness and strength. 1. Experience for 1 minute every hour with the inner eye of wisdom, the soul - a beautiful sparkling star of radiant light just above the eyebrows and radiate the qualities of peace, love and joy in the form of white light to everyone. 2. Remind yourself 10 times in the day – I am the child of God - the sun of spiritual wisdom. I travel into his rays, I connect, I absorb and I radiate his light and might into the universe and remove the darkness of negativity. 3. Sit with God every morning in the world of pure and deep silence – the soul world and experience the deep peace of God - the Ocean of peace and stillness. Clean the soul of inner hurt and pain and make it powerful. 4. Talk to yourself a few times in the day – I am a being of bliss and contentment. I look upwards and feel God’s rays of bliss falling on me. I bathe in these rays and they wash away my impurities like hatred and jealousy for others. (To be continued tomorrow …)" Picture Courtesy :- gyro from getty images
10th April – Soul Sustenance
Suppressing Anger? Don’t Even Create It Anger is not our original nature. By repeatedly being angry when situations are not our way, we make it an obvious reaction. We express it, deny it or at best suppress it. Anger has become chronic, but the good news is we can take a step-wise approach to first control and then finish it. 1. Anger is your choice, just as patience and peace. You don’t choose anger with authority figures or seniors but have given yourself the liberty to be angry at others. Practice meditation every morning to be patient with everyone. 2. Initially you may feel tempted to react, but do not express your anger. When you bring out anger, the other person reacts as well. And then you react further and so does the other person. The magnitude of anger multiplies. 3. Tell yourself - I am a powerful being. I understand they have a reason for what they did. I use patience and acceptance with them to protect myself and empower them. It is not suppression, but when you finish anger outside, gradually it finishes inside as well. 4. Identify one person to give corrections with vibrations of acceptance, understanding and calmness. Notice how your inner stability benefits you and them. Once you can choose patience with one person, repeat the same with 2 more people tomorrow, and then so on. Pic Courtesy : Mohamed Abdelgaffer from pexels
9th April – Soul Sustenance
Speak Less, Speak Slowly and Speak Softly Many of us feel we need to be talking to people to make ourselves heard or to sound interesting. This anxiety makes us over-think and over-talk. So we don’t take time to pronounce words clearly, we use more words than needed, and we even speak louder to make a point. Even if we have all the wisdom, just the way we speak can make our listeners irritated and they stop paying attention to us. 1. In any conversation, do you pay attention to your pace, your choice of words and your tone? Do you sometimes find yourself speaking to people, for the sake of saying something? Do you tend to speak without organizing your thoughts, and realize you could have said it so much better? 2. Throughout the day we constantly create and radiate 2 energies: Thought energy which then comes out as Word energy. So, if we have too many thoughts, we tend to talk too much. That hurry to speak doesn’t leave us with the margin to choose our words carefully or speak pleasantly. 3. If we want our words to be impactful, influential and transformational, they need to be fewer and carry high-energy vibrations. When we do this, we naturally speak right, speak less and speak softly. We will not just impress people but influence the conversation. 4. Let your words raise your vibrations, vibrations of the situation and of the people around you. Remind yourself - I choose words that create my perfect world. I speak only what is right, in the right manner and radiate the highest vibrations. Pic Courtesy : ferlistockphoto from Getty Images  
8th April – Soul Sustenance
United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Part 3) 4. The world today needs correct guidance to make their actions beautiful, peaceful and loveful. Sometimes, we see people around us, performing negative actions and we realize that if they had a guiding light in their lives, someone who could be like a parent and explain to them what is right and what is wrong, they would not talk, act and even think in this way. Such a guiding light would be someone who has the divine wisdom of the law of karma and also one who understood what are positive actions and what are negative actions, which is none other than God. God is the only one to whom each and every individual in the world would listen to. Unity in the world will happen very easily if people imbibed God’s wisdom in their minds and hearts. Wisdom will bring a spiritual maturity. Actually negative actions and not loving each other, is a sign of immaturity at the level of the consciousness. 5. The most important foundation of unity is co-operation. Co-operation amongst people is today lacking because the energy of competing and comparing has increased in families as well as workplaces and also friend circles. When people try to overtake others in every sphere of life, then distance between hearts increases. Also, feelings of jealousy, hatred and ego are being filled in every relationship because of this. These feelings need to be replaced with feelings of love and good wishes for each other and also happiness in seeing each other progress in life. Co-operation also means being with each other not only in their moments of joy but also in their moments of sorrow and giving each other the hand of your support. When individuals as well as groups of individuals, become friends at every step and build bridges of co-operation, the river of unity will flow in the world. Pic Courtesy : timsa from Getty Images Signature  
7th April – Soul Sustenance
United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Part 2) 2. Unity between people is based on a common thread of spiritual brotherhood inspite of differences of nationalities, castes, languages and also sanskaras and opinions. It’s not possible to unite unless we feel we are brothers in spirit. At some places in the world, racism exists and people dislike each other because of that. In such cases, if people remembered the spiritual identity of the other and saw each other as a spiritual being first and a human figure later, there would be immense love between humans. Spiritual wisdom says that We are all one. Sometimes we say that, but we do not feel it. When we see each other as God’s children and we also remember that once upon a time, before coming down on the earth, we lived together as souls, in our spiritual home; then love for each other will flow naturally and unity will be seen in all corners of the world. The spiritual home is the soul world, which exists beyond the five physical elements. 3. Love and unity between humans is also based on positive sanskaras. When two people with negative sanskaras come together for a particular purpose in any sphere of life, then it is very common that there will be a clash or negative differences of opinions. Such people don’t vibe well with each other and the effects of these reach families involved or professionals involved or any other people connected. Such people exist all over the world. So, a lack of inner niceness means negative relationships. The world is a web of billions of relationships. At the moment, this web is very negative and getting weaker with each day with more and more complications on the rise. If human beings become more beautiful, this web will become more positive and stronger. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : Einfach-Eve from Pixabay
6th April – Soul Sustenance
United We Stand, Divided We Fall (Part 1) All of us in this world are individuals with different personalities and viewpoints but yet there are certain points of truth on which we all agree. One of them is that the world should be full of peace and love. Another point of truth is that God is one and the Supreme. Also, if there is someone who can unite us as one family in this world, it is only the power of God which can do that. Lastly, the world once upon a time was a united family which got broken into pieces and was divided by religion, caste, language and nationality differences. The world today is divided in a big way. In some cases people of one country dislike people of another country and in some cases even people of different castes but of the same nationality quarrel over many issues. United We Stand, Divided We Fall – famous quote of unity. But how do we get united? Let’s explore: 1. First of all, remember my family of parents, siblings and all other relationships is a temporary connection. My permanent connection, my closest and every birth relationship is with God. In every birth, I get new loved ones but God does not change. So my family changes many times, my physical mothers and fathers change many times, but my eternal mother and father – the spiritual parent – God is always the same. This is the case with every human being in the world. Also, God is the only one who knows me and my every birth, the best. So, for me to become a source of love for others, I need to take the first step of giving God an important place in my life. Remember 7 billion sources of love, when created, will make the world united as one. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : truthseeker08 from Pixabay
5th April – Soul Sustenance
Traffic Jam - On The Road Or In The Mind? For many of us, traffic congestion, delay in public transport, missing a flight or waiting in queues are sources of frustration, stress and anxiety. These could be routine, so how we respond each day contributes to our overall emotional health. Whether it is someone’s poor driving manners or a severe traffic jam, let’s accept the moment with stability and consciously stop the stream of negative thoughts. Otherwise we could create 1,000 wrong thoughts in 20 minutes - every single day of travel for decades. Traffic is not in our control and we are not alone. Getting upset isn't going to make it go faster. Let’s either re-schedule or re-route our travel. Or let’s use the time to call or text someone, to relax, to take a nap or to listen to music. Frustration that begins at traffic typically carries into subsequent scenes of the day. Our bad mood continues, shows up with people and reflects in our work. Individually and as a society we are all taught that speed is important in order to accomplish more in less time. So we do not always let life move at a pace it should. We do not also have patience for people who are not our way. Driving and travelling are scenes where our urgency and impatience take over. Take a moment to teach your mind to go with the flow today instead of getting stressed about things which it cannot control. Create positive thoughts of calm as you travel today. Even if traffic on the road takes time to clear, the traffic of thoughts in your mind should not pile up. Teach your mind the art of remaining calm even in chaos. Finish gradually the vocabulary of Irritation is obvious. The energy of peace and patience created will carry on to your subsequent scenes as you enter your workplace or home. Pic Courtesy : whitehoune from Getty Images  
4th April – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Label Yourself Negatively Like people see us through the filter of their personality and perceptions, we also see ourselves through certain labels that we put on the self. If we attach negative labels such as I am lazy, I am careless, it becomes a part of our identity and a belief. Our vibrations create our reality and intensify that behaviour in us. Do you choose to label yourself about who you are - or who you are not - based on your appearance, background, personality or achievements? Do you see yourself through the labels that other people define you with? Can you pause and check how many labels are negative? The labels assigned on you add up to different dimensions of your personality, your identity. This means if we label ourselves negatively, our mind and body will respond and live by that negative label. Repeating them make them like an affirmation, reiterate those words, radiate those vibrations and the chances of them becoming our reality increases. Our labels create our destiny. Let us replace every single negative label we have on ourselves, with a pure, powerful, positive label. Let us make them our vocabulary, repeat them consistently for a few days, until those positive labels become your identity. To create the reality you want, begin with assigning only positive self-labels. Remind yourself - I label myself only and only with positive words. I remain aware that my labels manifest my destiny. When you repeatedly think and speak only of positive labels, you create that only quality of vibrations and radiate them to your mind, body and the universe. Your each and every vibration influences your reality. So those labels start becoming your reality. Pic Courtesy : Shablon from Getty Images  
3rd April – Soul Sustenance
Happy Greetings That Matter Good Morning! This morning, did you greet your family, friends and colleagues with a good morning, good evening or good luck? Do you wish people daily? And how do you acknowledge wishes? Most of us underestimate the value of a genuine Good morning wish. They are not just a pair of customary words. Conveyed with pure intentions of goodness, they radiate the energy of blessings and promise of good things to come. When someone greets us, let’s not ignore, nod, mumble or casually say morning. Also, let’s not monotonously exchange wishes with people on the phone. We need to experience the energy of the message and act thereafter. The receiver then gets our message plus our pure energy. Saying Good Morning should not be difficult. Let’s not wait for others to greet based on hierarchies of age, position or power. People could be happy, sad or in an in-between mood but regardless of their response, we can make those 2 seconds to connect and make their experience of meeting us, good. We often overlook the power of simple gestures like making eye contact, smiling, paying a compliment or greeting people. These meaningful acts certainly add happiness to our days and theirs. By helping others feel good about themselves, our own happiness significantly grows. Take a moment to see how your positive energy brightens someone’s day today. Everyone is looking to be acknowledged and heard. Sometimes that is all that people need from you. Let them know through your words and actions that they matter. Notice how you feel when you greet the security guard at the gate, hold the door open for a stranger or thank your family member. When you spend time with someone, you understand their value and importance. Kindness in action will bring you more joy than you thought. Pic Courtesy : Huy ProShoot from Pexels  
2nd April – Soul Sustenance
Increasing Your Will Power Through Fasting Spiritual Message On Ramadan Or Ramzan – April 2nd to May 2nd Fasting Strengthens Our Will Power And Increases Self Discipline Which Helps In Soul Cleansing. Almost all faiths and traditions advocate fasting as a tool to spiritual upliftment. Most of us today find ourselves saying that we cannot live without mobiles, the internet, a car, an AC, coffee, etc. At such times these days of fasting make us aware of our own strength and will power which we are not using. Fasting creates a disciplined regime and self control which takes us on a path of higher consciousness. The discipline of fasting teaches us that once we create a determined thought, nothing is impossible. As we practice fasting on a physical level, we can also do it on a mental level. It is only a decision. We can decide that for the next 30 days we will choose peace instead of anger, in every situation. In every faith, the fast is not just purely for a few minutes or hours but for weeks or even a month or more, because it takes time to realize, appreciate and sustain changes at a deep-rooted level. During any fast it is important to give attention to intention. Are we doing it because our religion says we must do it; everyone is doing it so we must do it; have been doing it every year; to appease God; if we don't do it we will be punished... If it is any of these or similar intentions, then pause and consciously change the intention to a higher purpose. We do it so that it gives us the strength to connect to God, and to clean our self of our weaknesses of ego, anger, greed, jealousy and pain. Let us choose one sanskar of ours today, and let us make a firm resolve that for the next 30 days we will abstain from it - irritation, criticism, anger... and use instead a sanskar of patience, appreciation, love. If we are holding any hurt or animosity, now is the time, create one powerful thought - Past is Passed, it's over. Forgiveness is the message of every religion, so let us follow our religion. It is a time of love and unity, where let go of every negative thought. Let us not just cleanse our body, but cleanse the mind also. Religion gave us the tradition of fasting, so that it comes as a reminder for us to take out time for soul cleansing. When the vibrations all over the world are of determination, fasting and will power, any decision made today will be easier to implement. Each one of us should be a part of Ramadan or Ramzan, which has just begun; even if we are not doing it physically, let us be a part of it mentally, and join together to celebrate the love and unity of one global family. Pic Courtesy : Prabhat Kumar from Getty Images  
1st April – Soul Sustenance
Discriminating Correctly And Clearly Life does not come with a user manual of how to live it. And there are hundreds of choices and decisions we need to make, every single day. We need to have greater wisdom and accurate discrimination power. The ability to discriminate, which means to separate right from wrong, truth from illusions, relevant from the irrelevant, is fundamental to taking correct and beneficial decisions. Sit back and see how you increase your capacity to discriminate - Affirmation: I am a knowledgeful being. I am the creator of my destiny… so many options every day … so many choices to make … and there is so much information… media…social media…past experiences… public opinion… But I know what I need… I have the power of discrimination… my mind and intellect are stable… they are my strength… my intellect discriminates perfectly…based on my rich wisdom… I use it in every situation… to discriminate my thoughts, belief systems, feelings, behaviours … and decide what is right for me … I understand people and situations as they are… it tells me what is right…what is the truth… what is my priority… what is beneficial for my present and future … it discriminates…it gives me guidelines… then I take a decision… the right decision … I check what will be the result if my thoughts come into words or actions. I bring the decision into action. I immediately do what I decide to do ... I choose, decide and implement immediately. I don’t get affected by other influences when discriminating. I trust my highest self… even if people’s opinions are different… I analyse their intentions and habits triggering it… I empathise…I respond with peace. This is my nature. Repeat this affirmation a few times to strengthen your intellect. When you discriminate between right and wrong, you will be able to take quick decisions. Your capacity to discriminate gives you an accurate understanding not only of situations and other people, but also an understanding of our own self. Pic Courtesy : Natalya Sambulova from Getty Images  
31st March – Soul Sustenance
Choose Your Actions Right (Part 3) 4. Good and bad actions are both prevalent in society. It is worth wondering that while performing different actions in life, do we ever stop to think that how many of our actions are positive or good and how many are negative or bad. E.g. You have visited your office today and met lots of people over there in your work sphere. Everyone you meet, you share something different with them at the level of thoughts and feelings as well as at the level of words and actions. With some people, you share more qualities, with some you are just neutral and with some others you can be negative. So, in the middle of this, do you review your actions everyday and then make corrections for the future. First, the knowledge of good and bad is important and then based on that knowledge, your actions begin to get shaped accordingly. This is what should be our homework for everyday, because we are all students and our teacher is we ourselves. 5. We are all spiritual travelers also and we are carrying sanskaras of everything we do today into our next births, into the future. Do we want to carry a lot of baggage of incorrect and bad sanskaras due to negative actions or do we want to travel light with lots of blessings received from good and correct actions is our choice. We do not take our relationships, our physical body, our wealth or even our roles into our next birth. All these change when we leave this physical body. What remains is our sanskaras, which we get filled with, based on our actions. Positive actions will fill us with positive sanskaras and negative actions with negative sanskaras. And if our sanskaras are positive and beautiful, we will get a beautiful and healthy body, perfect relationships, lots of wealth and very nice roles to play in our next life or birth. Pic Courtesy : DaAPA Images  
30th March – Soul Sustenance
Choose Your Actions Right (Part 2) 2. Good actions and negative actions are two sides of the same coin of life. The more our life is full of positive and nice actions, the more happier and lighter we will feel. Very often people who are unhappy and discontent with life are ones who have a negative past of bad actions, either in this life or previous lives. Also, the more we perform positive actions now, the more we become important mediums to radiate goodness in the world, which is like our true religion and duty given to us by God. Do we live our life only for ourselves or do we fulfill this task of – Be nice and spread niceness, be positive and spread positivity? It’s worth asking ourselves. So positivity does not remain hidden and positivity should be shared with others. This is a beautiful benefit of performing good actions. Bad actions on the other hand make us loose respect in society, in our own eyes and in the eyes of God, as we inspire other people towards negativity instead of goodness. 3. Good actions are the original actions of the world. As the world has become older, negativity of various types through the mediums of lust, anger, ego, greed, attachment, hatred, jealousy, revenge and many other negative emotions has become prevalent. The original good men and women of the world were not under the influence of all these negative emotions. That is why there is a saying in the world that God made man in His own image. The original goodness of the world is a reflection of God’s nature and today’s negativity is a reflection of the Devil or Ravana as they say. The Devil or Ravana is nothing but our weaknesses which are inside us. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : onurdongel from Getty Images Signature  
29th March – Soul Sustenance
Choose Your Actions Right (Part 1) Life is a beautiful journey with a number of twists and turns and it brings with it different scenes in which our ability to face them with strength and stability is tested. This is because uncertainties in life are immense and challenges in life are to be overcome regularly. A negative situation in our present life is a sign of an incorrect action or actions performed in past lives or in this life. Also, good actions performed at the present moment of time will nullify the influence of these negative actions of the past and help reduce the sorrow or discontentment that they might cause. What are good actions and what are negative actions and how can we differentiate the two? Let’s look at their meaning in this message. 1. Good actions are those actions which are based on the original qualities of the soul – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. On the other hand, any action which takes us away from these qualities at the level of the personality or sanskaras is a negative action. Let’s say, today my office colleague is angry with me and I have lost my temper back at him. After becoming angry, how do I feel? I feel a lack of peace, love and joy and I also know that my action lacks wisdom. In the same manner, today I have been very egoistic and shown false pride while talking and behaving with others. In such a case, I can never feel powerful because the one with false pride will also feel insulted easily, if someone talks negatively about him or her. Also, the one with ego is bitter and critical, which is a sign of lack of love and wisdom. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : Orla from Getty Images  
28th March – Soul Sustenance
Eating Less And Eating Slowly All of us know the importance of paying attention to when we eat, what we eat and how much we eat. Yet, we often find ourselves scrolling through the phone, working on the laptop or watching television, while stuffing food into our mouth even when there is no true hunger. The internal mechanism in our body guides our eating habits, but distracted eating forces us to ignore those signals, and we end up over-eating. You know the importance of eating right and enjoying every meal. Yet, how sacred is mealtime to you? Does your schedule permit mindful eating? Do you tend to indulge in binge eating, mindless eating or over-eating? Mealtime needs to be a sacred ritual, but today most of us eat mindlessly and in the middle of distractions. This takes away an awareness of our eating experience, our thoughts or our feelings. It is also leading to over-eating. Food consumed this way is harming us rather than nourishing us the way it should. Eating should not be out of addictions, pressures, temptations or emotional needs. Let us practice mindful eating - listening to our body signals of when to eat and how much to eat. Once we pay attention to our hunger and fullness signals, it becomes easy to avoid overeating. Create your own healthy eating patterns and stick to them at all times. Remind yourself - I focus on every bite of food. I eat a healthy and a balanced diet. I do not overeat. Stick to eat right quantity to neither be starved or stuffed. When you listen to your body, you take care of how much food it needs. This is a huge step in ensuring health and well-being. Remind yourself - I don’t eat food for any reasons other than genuine hunger. I listen to my body – eat when I am hungry and stop the moment I am full. Pic Courtesy : pasja1000 from Pixabay
27th March – Soul Sustenance
Unconditional Love - A Blessing From God Why do we feel that we all strive to love others without limits, and yet in situations of rage, rejection or obliviousness, we find it impossible to respond with love and care? While the thought could be to overcome this limitation with conscious effort, the negative emotions that come along with it are too overwhelming at times. A deeper dive into the vibrations of love, where love in itself becomes a living reality, can make us feel unconditional love for other souls. Such a love has to be offered to the self first, before it can be experienced by others. This unconditional love resides in each of us, but to enable it to be felt and conveyed to others requires an awakening of the soul first. It cannot be created on its own and has to be received as a blessing from the Supreme Soul. In this way, the soul becomes connected with God, and can then love others with what it has experienced within itself. This can help us in healing ourselves in relation to past situations with some people, which caused hurt or difficulty. It is important to understand that the soul needs to spiritually unfold itself. While it can happen on its own with time; energy exchanges with similar souls who share God’s love can also build a powerful synergy, to enable this transition. In order to receive love, we must share it too. Love cannot be held for the benefit of the self. That’s incompatible with its very essence. There is this primitive urge, a strength that comes from true unconditional love. It gives us wings to fly and it makes us feel good about ourselves and feeds the mind and body and gives us the courage to overcome any adversities in our life. Meditation and practicing virtues on a daily basis can help open our hearts to a deeper kind of love, like the gentle drops of rain, that pour equally on all, nurturing each element of earth equally. Pic Courtesy : StockSnap from Pixabay
26th March – Soul Sustenance
Freeing Yourself From Hatred For Anyone We are living in a world of many different relationships between human beings. A beautiful relationship between me and others is based on true spiritual love, one in which I do not carry any hatred for others. Hatred arises in our hearts for someone else when we look at their weaknesses or at their negative behaviour. Sometimes we expect something from the other person and when we don't get what we want, we start looking at the person negatively and start hating them. For some people hatred for a few people in their lives is very common. Can we become completely free from hatred? Is it possible? Let's look at a few different ways to become free from hatred - 1. Begin Your Day By Filling Your Heart With God's Love - The moment you get up in the morning, create thoughts and feelings of closeness with God, who is the Ocean Of Love. Take His blessings and connect with Him in meditation and silence. This will make you full of spiritual love for all souls of the world, who are your sweet brothers and sisters and children of God, just like you are and you will feel we are all one divine family. 2. Feel Deeply That You Are A Beautiful Soul And Everyone Else Is Also A Beautiful Soul - Only when we love ourselves deeply can we love others. Only when we realize that we have weaknesses can we realize that others too have weaknesses. Only when we know we are trying to improve ourselves will we not get impatient with others and realize that they too are trying to improve themselves. Then we will never hate them in any circumstance. 3. Learn To Give Blessings To Everyone - Whenever we meet anyone in the day, create a beautiful thought in your mind about the other person's specialties. Don't let anything negative or ordinary about the other person touch your consciousness. Spread goodness about everyone. 4. Create A Positive Environment Of Love Wherever You Are - When we create an environment of love and closeness, when we share love and joy with each other, then we will be an embodiment of all qualities and fill everyone else with them. Also, we will only absorb others' qualities, never their weaknesses. Pic Courtesy : Designecologist from Pexels  
25th March – Soul Sustenance
Meet People With A Clean Slate If your office colleague made a mistake today, will he repeat it tomorrow? If your family member was rude to you today, will he not change tomorrow? Instead of looking forward to a better tomorrow, do you jump to a negative conclusion - These people will never change! Whether we realize or not, everyone is constantly changing, either for better or worse. This means people who gave us tough times today could leave us feeling pleasant tomorrow. We just need to take care that we change to be better – more accepting, respectful, compassionate. Complaining and criticizing deplete our energy further. Understanding that the other person might have had a bad day today, let’s bless both of us: My next interaction with him will be awesome. Our vibrations uplift us and empower them. Each day is a new beginning; each hour is a fresh start. Let’s meet people with a clean slate each time – deleting unpleasant memories, perceptions and preconceived notions from our mind. Whether we realize it or not, we are all changing at every moment because of information, because of past experiences or because of our desire to change. We and other people are no longer who we were yesterday, last month or last year. When we delete the past images of people, we perceive them fresh in each meeting. Take a moment to prepare yourself to interact with everyone in a healthy manner today. When you remove the filter of the impression you had created based on your previous meeting, you see people the way they truly are today. You stop referring to the past, so you do not influence the present or future with the energy of the past. By doing this you will heal yourself, heal your relationships and radiate clean vibrations. Pic Courtesy : Liderina from Getty Images  
24th March – Soul Sustenance
Include People When Making Rules At Office Or Home Having certain rules in place at home and workplace makes a huge difference. Guidelines for wake up/sleep time, meal time, mannerisms, dress code, work ethics and so on, instills discipline and culture. But sometimes while establishing rules, we don’t take consent from people who need to follow them. So, a few people either do not comply, or they comply unwillingly. Take this moment to see how you establish rules by taking everyone’s consent, and create willingness in them to follow the rules – Affirmation: I am a powerful being. I discharge my responsibilities sincerely. I live by my values. In my role with family, friends, colleagues… I discipline and empower everyone with respect. When certain habits are to be created… manners to be followed…ethics to be adopted… best practices to cultivate…I involve everyone in decision-making. I consult every individual…at home…at office... I don’t distinguish them based on age, role or position… I treat everyone equally…I involve everyone in the discussion. I create a sense of belonging. I convey my suggestion of what to do…how to do…why to do…I explain clearly… I don’t impose my views…I seek their feedback… I give them the freedom to express their views…without fear or inhibition… they appreciate being involved…being heard…being consulted. Sometimes they have a different opinion. I understand them…I evaluate the best option…I arrive at a solution…a rule or guideline which everyone agrees to implement…everyone is happy to implement. I take their consent...I help them implement it. They willingly follow what is agreed upon… they take accountability. They are comfortable following the rules. They respect me… I respect them…I guide everyone to become better individuals. I create a healthy, high-vibration environment at home and office…where there is discipline…good etiquette…healthy habits… happiness…and harmony. Repeat this affirmation a few times to cultivate an inclusive culture when laying down rules and regulations. You will see how people will want to follow rules, rather than having to follow them. Pic Courtesy : Dio Hasbi Saniskoro from Pexels  
23rd March – Soul Sustenance
10 Steps To A Positive Lifestyle (Part 3) Let’s look at few more methods to remain constantly positive and powerful in every situation: 5. While performing actions throughout the day, ensure that you are always smiling and radiating lightness and love to everyone through your eyes, face as well as sweet words and actions. 6. After every hour, stop whatever you are doing and look inwards for 1-2 minutes. Check the flow and quality of your thoughts and bring them on track from negative and unnecessary to positive and constructive. 7. While talking and meeting others at home or in your office, remember constantly that everyone is a spiritual energy full of positivity and if you see any negativity, remember that it is not their actual nature, but just an artificial and temporary personality layer. 8. Every morning, pick a selection of good and positive wisdom and read 1-2 pages slowly, imbibing very strongly and bringing it into practice the entire day. 9. Learn meditation and practice before going to sleep and the first thing in the morning as you wake up. Fill yourself with spiritual power from the Supreme Being or God and experience determination. 10. Talk to God as a friend in every action throughout the day and use his mind and your hands to perform actions. In this way, your actions will be positive and powerful, without any mistakes and you will be able to face all situations easily. These are 10 steps to a positive lifestyle. Following these steps will open the door of a life full of stability and power. Situations will become like the passing breeze, which will not disturb you in any away. In fact, you will become like a pillar of strength in your family and amidst your colleagues at work, standing tall and upright and never bowing down mentally and emotionally because of lack of spiritual strength. Pic Courtesy : Klaus Nielsen from Pexels  
22nd March – Soul Sustenance
10 Steps To A Positive Lifestyle (Part 2) A stage of power and complete mind control in which not a single thought in your mind is lacking determination and hope can be achieved while living in this world amidst difficult situations and people. What we need to give attention to is the foundation of our thoughts, which is our personality. Our original qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. These are 7 basic virtues which the soul is full of originally. As we have taken many births and lost soul energy and become discharged, these 7 qualities have been reducing and our positive personality has reduced in quality and extent. Instead, we have become full of weaknesses like anger, ego, greed, lust, fear, attachment, jealousy, insecurity, low self-esteem, revenge and hatred. Due to this, soul strength has reduced further and the clouds of negative situations influence us regularly and very easily. Let’s look at and discover a few methods to rediscover our constant positivity in every situation. Let’s take 10 everyday steps to a positive lifestyle: 1. Create an affirmation of success and determination every morning and maintain its memory in the mind throughout the day. 2. Make a check list in the night of mistakes committed in the entire day and prevent their re-occurrence the next day. Weaknesses are like leakages inside the soul and reduce soul strength. 3. Every morning, choose one quality and bring it into practice the whole day. Radiate the quality to others and give everyone a feeling of subtle fulfillment, as they meet you in the entire day. 4. Look at atleast one quality, specialty, skill or talent in everyone. Turn your mind and eyes away from any weakness or weaknesses you see in anyone.                                                                                               (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : Shamia Casiano from Pexels  
21st March – Soul Sustenance
10 Steps To A Positive Lifestyle (Part 1) As we progress in the journey of life, at times there can be moments which redefine our life and destiny. These are those moments when something important occurs in our life and life is not the same again after that. Let’s say you get a very important educational degree in your life and your life is transformed as you become very successful in your career after that and life is a beautiful and eventful joyride. You get lots of praise and honour in your family, from your friends and in the world. Now let’s look at something else – I lose my job suddenly and a workplace, to which I gave my entire life and time and effort, gives me something bad in return. I am devastated. How could this happen to me – my company telling me to leave? This is a depressive moment in my life. The reason why we have mentioned such opposite examples is because life is full of both of these. To remain stable and the same in victory and defeat, praise and insult, joy and sorrow is the sign of a truly successful person. We are people living in society and doing jobs and running families, managing businesses and sending children to school and are very often faced with physical health problems, problems in relationships in family and the workplace and other problems at home and at work. In the midst of all this, we need to remain stable, powerful, content and peaceful. The ups and downs will come and go. But we should not leave our internal state of fulfillment and satisfaction. Such a stage is wisdom followed in life and not just wisdom found in books. Let’s discover this stage and how to imbibe a positive lifestyle in this message.                                                                                               (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : SAurabh Narwade from Pexels  
20th March – Soul Sustenance
Likes On Social Media Matter? In a social media driven society, getting public approval on what we post is becoming a yardstick for our self-worth and fame. Most of us post something that we believe people will appreciate and start monitoring it for Likes and positive comments. The more we get, the more we want. Getting fewer or negative responses upsets us, and we become vulnerable to people’s opinions. 1. Do you use social media for public validation? Do you post something and then wait patiently (or impatiently) for people to notice it, like it or comment on it? Do more Likes make you feel accepted, and a lack of Likes make you anxious? 2. Social media is a beautiful platform to share useful information and connect with people. But today, people who hardly speak face-to-face, are actively sharing posts or posting observations on social media. They are concerned about having an online audience who give them attention and appreciation. 3. Let us use social media responsibly to share content that we Like and that is beneficial. After that, it shouldn’t matter if it garners 100 Likes or zero Likes. In fact, we don’t even need to keep checking it for response, because people’s opinion on our post cannot correlate to our popularity or self-worth. 4. Take control over your social media usage. You don’t require people on social media to validate how peaceful or beautiful your life is. Remind yourself - I use social media to share what I like. I do not need other people to Like it. Pic Courtesy : Geralt from Pixabay  
19th March – Soul Sustenance
Distractions Cannot Heal All of us go through moments of physical or emotional pain – disappointments, illnesses, relationship issues, failures, fears, stress or grief. We need to begin the healing process at the first trace of pain. But instead, we often shy away from the problem by diverting our mind with distractions like TV, shopping, chatting, games, smoking or anything else. Our pain needs healing, not diversion. Wounds don’t subside with distractions, they get deeper when left unattended. When your mind is disturbed, do you distract it, in the name of de-stressors? Or do you spend time talking to yourself, finding out what is troubling you, comforting the mind and healing the pain? At times, do you rely on other people or on time to heal emotional wounds? When feeling low, we often try to escape the emotional wound by distracting the mind towards shopping, television, holiday or addictions. The mind might not feel the pain, but the pain is still present. And as time passes, it can only get deeper because instead of healing it, we chose to temporarily relieve it. Our wounds of stress, anger or hurt are a result of our wrong thoughts. Spending time with ourselves and creating right thoughts now can heal the wound. Let us not use distractions, or depend on other people, or leave it to time. No-one else can either hurt us or heal us. Face your emotions, find the tool of knowledge and heal it. Remind yourself - I am a healer. No distraction can heal my wound. I heal myself with love and care. I face my emotions. I don’t try to escape it by distracting my mind.    
18th March – Soul Sustenance
Splashing Soulful Colours Of Love And Happiness The Spiritual Meaning Of Holi - March 18th (Part 2) Wearing clean white clothes mark the essence of Holi, symbolizing that we the souls are clean and pure. The soul is completely cleansed after burning its vices in the fire of remembrance of the Supreme Power (Holika Dahan). The colors of Holi represent our innate soul qualities of purity, peace, love, happiness, wisdom, power and bliss. We the souls need to first color the Self by connecting to God's unconditional love and purity. We are then ready to spray them on everyone else through our thoughts, words and behavior. Playing with colors and splashing them on other people signifies that we apply permanent colors of our peace, compassion and harmony to every soul. We dissolve our differences; forgive each other and come together to unite in the hues of love and happiness. Ho Li means I Belong. We celebrate the joy of belonging completely to God, the Supreme Soul. Ho Li Past is Past, never to come back again. So we need to stop dwelling in the past, re-living painful memories or holding on to people’s mistakes. Ho Ly translates to spiritual purity. It means our every karma should be pure and divine. Let us not just celebrate but live the meaning of Holi every day. Pic Courtesy : Pexels from Pixabay  
17th March – Soul Sustenance
Holika Dahan: Burning The Evil The Spiritual Meaning Of Holi - March 18th (Part 1) Bonfire is created on the eve of Holi with an effigy on top of the pyre representing Holika. This spiritually denotes the evil or negativity present within each of us. Every household provides twigs and pieces of wood to prepare the bonfire. This means each of us should offer our unhealthy sanskars, wrong habits, resentment and hurt that we have held on to and unfulfilled desires of the past. Holika Dahan or burning of the pyre at night and people dancing around the bonfire, symbolize that we need to set all our negativities on fire. We can rejoice only after burning them into ashes so that they never come back. It also signifies setting ablaze evils of old world, to begin a new world of purity and virtues. The simplest way to burn our negative sanskars is Meditation. Meditation is a powerful personal connection with The Supreme Power, Ocean of Purity and Love. When we remember someone, we are in connection with them, that is called Yog. When we are in powerful remembrance of The Supreme, Yog Agni (the fire of remembrance) burns all impurities. Mythologically it celebrates the destruction of the demon King Hiranyakashipu and Holika, and the protection of devotee Prahlaad. So it is a reminder of the power of faith and surrender. When we have unwavering faith, the Supreme Soul protects us from the flames of pain and suffering. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : StockSnap from Pixabay  
16th March – Soul Sustenance
Why Do We Need Spirituality In Our Lives? Spirituality is an introduction to the wisdom of the soul, God and different dimensions of our life like what are correct actions and what are wrong ones, how we can make a beautiful destiny for ourselves by the right choice of actions based on beliefs of soul consciousness and how we can make a positive relationship with God a part of our daily lives. Let us explore why we need spirituality in our current lives and how it can make a difference? 1. We are at a time in the world, when the number of negative situations in our lives are increasing at a fast speed and at the same time our inner resilience or power to face them is reducing because of a decrease in soul power. These two factors are increasing our stress levels and making our lives more and more difficult. Spirituality is the only solution in our lives which can reduce our stress levels and make our lives easier. 2. Also, as we have been living our lives at a fast pace, the quality of our thoughts, health, wealth, relationships and roles has reduced and we find ourselves in worry and sorrow because all five of these dimensions need our attention again and again. Only listening to spiritual wisdom and practicing meditation can resolve all these dimensions and make them free from all problems. 3. We are at the present moment, according to the wisdom of the eternal World Drama given by God, at the very end of our soul journey of many births, when the soul, after a long journey, has lost its wisdom, qualities, powers and skills and is no longer very pure, positive and powerful. By connecting to God, we can fill ourselves with all of these and begin a new journey of many births again, after returning to the soul world for a short period of time. 4. Today, we have become so attached to our physical identity, that weaknesses like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred and fear have become our natural nature. Also, we have lost our inner connection with the spiritual self and with God - the Supreme Soul. Only spirituality can clean the soul and make it free all these spiritual ailments or illnesses. Pic Courtesy : Activedia from Pixabay  
15th March – Soul Sustenance
Love Yourself If we pause and notice our behaviors, we find that it is easier to love other people, than to love our own self. This lack of self-love is visible in so many forms, for example - we don’t respect our body and mind, we insult ourselves for faults and failures, we don’t forgive our mistakes, and we under-estimate our abilities. How much we love ourselves decides how well we live our lives. 1. Do you judge yourself very harshly when you lacked something? Do you truly open up your mind and heart to love yourself when you’re doing great? Or do you rather wait for receiving the energy of love from others who you value? Self-love is an art we need to master. 2. Love is who we are, it’s our innate quality, our personality and our very nature. It’s an energy we can create and give it to ourselves and others. But we block love when we harbour unloveful feelings like anger, guilt, fear or pain. So we seek love from other people. But even if everyone loves us except ourselves, we cannot experience it. 3. Remembering that we are love finishes our dependency on people to love us. We need to cultivate self-love by accepting, appreciating, motivating and being kind to ourselves, unconditionally. We are already beautiful and are ready to work on the self from this moment. 4. Never say you need love. Change your vocabulary in your inner conversation and watch self-love flow automatically. Remind yourself - I love myself without conditions and without limits. Every word I say to myself is empowering. Pic Courtesy : Olha Ruskykh from Pexels  
14th March – Soul Sustenance
7 Techniques To Let Go Off The Past (Part 3) Correction - Memories inside the soul are like imprints or impressions on the soul. Some impressions are deep, some are not. Negative past experiences leave very deep negative impressions or scars on the soul, which sometimes take a lot of time to heal and sometime an entire lifetime can be sent without them getting healed. Negative past experience imprints and negative emotions like anger, hatred, fear, pain, guilt etc. are closely linked. So, correcting the self or incorporating positive sanskars fills the spiritual self with positive impressions. This, over a period of time, nullifies the effect of these negative impressions and as a result, the related negative memories. Donation - Donation can be simply defined as the distribution of the invisible attainments one has experienced through spiritual self-transformation, to others. It helps one receive blessings or positive energy of those whom we donate to and gives life a focused positive purpose, both of which help us immensely in forgetting our past. People who live only for themselves will find it more difficult to forget their past as compared to ones who spend a lot of time for others. Giving happiness to others helps us in forgetting our sorrows. Interaction - The more we interact with and remain in the company of positive minded people and have positive conversations with them, we give and receive positive energy and the more our past gets erased from our consciousness. Spirituality teaches us to look inwards and experience introvertness, which we haven’t experienced for a long time. At the same time, spirituality also teaches us to keep a balance between looking inwards and outwards. Composed and balanced introvertness and extrovertness and healthy, happy relationships with virtuous people help us remain more in a present consciousness, not giving the mind to drift too much into the past. Pic Courtesy : Kaboompics from Pexels  
13th March – Soul Sustenance
7 Techniques To Let Go Off The Past (Part 2) Positive Information and Intoxication - The more we listen or read positive spiritual wisdom, even if it is for 10 minutes daily, and imbibe (absorb) it, the more our negative memories fade into the background. Also, the regular input of wisdom lifts our consciousness to a higher level and gives us an experience of intoxication or spiritual bliss, in which the memories of our past sorrows and negative experiences get dissolved. Even on a physical level, some people indulge in some kind of negative addiction or intoxication only because it temporarily helps them to overcome and forget the negatives in their life. Spiritual wisdom intoxication is a positive and pure intoxication, which helps us in forgetting the negative past of our life permanently. Karma Realization - Another benefit of spiritual wisdom is that it makes us realize the various shades and details of the Law of Karma and its application in the World Drama, which helps us immensely in letting go of the past and concentrating on our present so that a bright future can be built, irrespective of the quality of the past. Self and God Realization - One of the most important benefits of meditation, an important aspect of spirituality, is that it makes us realize and experience the spiritual self and the Father of the spiritual self, the Supreme Soul or God, accurately. This is an experience of liberation, in which there is no room for past repentances. Past repentances are more a reflection of excessive attachment to the physical or material existence or attachment to incorrect emotions related to body-consciousness, remembering the damage caused by them to the self and experiencing sorrow due to the same. Connection and Relation - Also, meditation being a deep connection between me and God or the Supreme Father, it fills me with immense power and it is also a deep relationship, which fills me with peace, love and joy. In the experience of these attainments, over a period of time, my past stops burdening my consciousness. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
12th March – Soul Sustenance
7 Techniques To Let Go Off The Past (Part 1) Almost each one of us carries a heavy or subtle burden of negative events and happenings that have taken place in our life sometime in the past, either an immediate past or a far-off one; which reduce our present contentment levels immensely. The negative past could be of any form – you experienced the loss of a close loved one due to an end in a relationship or sudden death; you went through a serious physical illness or a very lean phase of financial loss, you were abused on a mental or physical level; you were not treated properly by a colleague at office and undue advantage was taken of you; you performed an inappropriate action and you repent up till now, even after many years have passed, and many such similar and different types of incidents. There are three different types of processes for removing negative past memories from our consciousness: Modifying - A negative past event is modified into a positive, beneficial form and then stored in the consciousness. Forgetting - Memories of a negative past event are forgotten and do not exist either in our conversations or in our conscious mind or thoughts, but traces of those memories exist in the sub-conscious mind. Erasing - No traces of the negative past exist in the consciousness and memories of it are removed from the sub-conscious also. We need to take the help of all the different aspects or techniques of spirituality for these removal processes. In the next two days’ messages, we will explain 7 such different techniques of spirituality, which if incorporated in our life, help us experience lightness and emotional freedom from the past. All of them have their own unique importance. (To be continued tomorrow …) Pic Courtesy : Samer Daboul from Pexels  
11th March – Soul Sustenance
Strengthening Your Shield Of Positivity We are all going through turbulent times and life throws at us arrows of different negative situations again and again. We all carry a shield of positivity, which we use to protect ourselves from these different negative situations. Sometimes our shield is not strong enough and some arrows in the battlefield of life hit us hard and we get emotionally wounded as a result. Let us explore in this message how do we make our shield of positivity stronger - Always keep one positive thought of spiritual wisdom in your consciousness in the entire day. An empty mind weakens our shield of positivity. Keep God's company with you at every step. God is an Ocean of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth. These virtues will make your shield of positivity stronger. Apply the full stop when challenged by difficult situations. Don't create a large number of negative and waste thoughts and magnify the situation. Tell yourself worry is a negative energy. By worrying, the negative arrows that life is throwing at you, will take advantage of you and hit you hard. Keep yourself busy when there is a negative situation. The more you do that, the more your soul power will not get wasted and you will remain strong. Emerge the power to face inside you. Remember the battle can only be won when you don't give up. This will attract solutions and take you to safety where the arrows can no longer hit you. Giving is a beautiful art of performing positive and pure actions. By sharing qualities and powers with others, we send our arrows of positivity in the battlefield of life and they will bring the negative arrows down. Practice the art of introversion. Just like the tortoise goes inside its shell, detach yourself from your sense organs and feel your inner being and your shield will protect you well.  
10th March – Soul Sustenance
Take And Apply One Value For Each Day Every scene in our daily life presents so many choices of how to be and what to do. The decision we take in each of them is a reflection of our values. Whether it is our care, patience, sincerity or gratitude - values give direction and add meaning to life. If our thoughts, words and behaviors are in line with our values, we feel comfortable. But if we compromise, deviate or give up values for any reason, we regret it sooner or later. As someone who believes in moral living, you create a compass of values and use it to guide your choices and decisions. But as you set out into the world, you notice people around you compromising on their values. At those moments, do you get tempted to drop yours? Have you given up on any value just because someone else you live with, doesn’t have it? Values are our strength. Even if no one around us is using them, and even if others believe they don’t work, we should not give them up. But often our behavior becomes only a reflection of the way others behave with us, and in the process our own values get lost. Living values means to consistently strengthen the spectrum of our principles and use them every time with everyone. Holding on to our values even in the face of temptations and challenges, increases our power. Values should be at the heart of all our choices and decisions, always. Otherwise if we use them only as per convenience, our values lose their value. Choose any one value and for the next 24 hours, be committed to make that value reflect in who you are and what you do. Use it always and with everyone. Remind yourself - I choose one value every day. And I use it in my every thought, word and behaviour. My values define me. I bring them into action in every scene and strengthen my personality. The value you choose becomes like a code of conduct which helps you become better and better. You will also make a difference to people and situations around you.  
9th March – Soul Sustenance
It’s The Final Moments Of The World Drama The World Drama is an act all souls play on planet Earth in which there are four phases - Satyug or Golden Age, Tretayug or Silver Age, Dwaparyug or Copper Age and Kaliyug or Iron Age. Because souls are eternal, this Drama is eternal. It keeps repeating again and again and souls play their respective many roles in the Drama by taking many births. Also, the most beautiful role in the World Drama is played by God at the end of the Iron Age. He is the One who transforms the Iron Age into the Golden Age and fills all souls and nature again with positive and pure spiritual energy, and the Drama begins fresh on a new note. So where are we now, at what point of time in the Drama? We are at that point of time, when God is playing His role in the World Drama and He is creating the Golden Age. These are the final moments of the Drama of four phases. What should we do at this point of time? We go inwards and reflect on our journey of four phases that we have covered. We visualize every phase based on what wisdom God has shared with us. It’s time to return back to the Soul World and prepare for a new journey ahead, after coming down from the Soul World, where the soul will rest for a short period of time. We have learnt from God that everything was good in our sanskars, in our health and wealth and in our relationships and roles in the first two phases. Then we came down in all of these in the next two phases because we came under the influence of bodily attractions and physical attachments. Let us not make the same mistakes again and perform beautiful and positive actions only. Let us listen to God's spiritual wisdom and feel and experience what He says. Let us also experience God as a Supreme Being Of Light and connect with Him in meditation in the Spiritual World of Silence, the eternal Home of all souls - the Soul World. This will make the soul 100% pure again. It is the end of one journey in the World Drama and we now begin the next journey in which we need the soul to be full of all qualities and powers and beautiful sanskars for the Golden Age and even after that. Let us be in the company of God constantly and fill ourselves with all of these again, which we have lost in this journey over a period of time.
8th March – Soul Sustenance
Overcoming Self-Doubt And Insecurities The one emotion that depletes our happiness and leaves us feeling desperate, is insecurity. Being insecure about ourselves, our relationships, health, finances or careers can damage every aspect of our lifestyle. We need to realize our potential and see ourselves as who we truly are, to shed all our real and imaginary insecurities. As you become sure of yourself at every step, you will experience happiness and health. You will stop making back-references to past failures or flaws, and look forward to creating a destiny of your choice. Has there been something you felt insecure about – maybe your health, relationship, career, finances or life itself? Does your mind feel threatened from time to time with self-doubts? Is there a belief of not being good enough? Insecurity seems to have gripped most of us today, and we are often not even sure what makes us feel it. The source is mostly the negative information we consume from our environment or media. When we feel insecure about something, we are unable to fully trust ourselves, other people or situations. Let us not allow our mind to continue negative conversations over a prolonged period, because then insecurity becomes our personality. Insecurity is caused by our wrong thoughts of fear, doubt or anxiety. We can finish it by being confident, created by thoughts of optimism, self-belief and positivity. Consciously engage your mind in pure, positive inner talk. Surround yourself with positive, optimistic energy. Remind yourself everyday - I feel safe and secure. My life is perfect. I always have everything that I need.  
7th March – Soul Sustenance
Everyday Is A Perfect Day How has your day been? Have your peace and happiness depended on - what is going on around you, things happening as per what you had planned, and how people behaved with you? If we keep questioning and giving away control of our emotions to external circumstances, we become weak day by day - waking up hoping for everything to be our way… and getting upset each time an unexpected scene unfolds. We have a choice how to respond to every scene of the day. Two people choose different responses to the same situation. At times our own response to the same situation differs. If we are in a good mood we choose to be calm, otherwise we get disturbed easily. There are no good or bad days. It all depends how we think and respond. Let’s remind ourselves - My situation and state of mind are not connected. No matter what today brings, I will think correctly and make it a perfect day. We all write a beautiful script in mind about how our day should unfold. On most days things happen as we want. But on days when situations drift away from our plan, we ask Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Everything that happens is accurate and meant to be. It is we who need to reframe how we perceive things. Take a moment to prepare yourself to accept and flow with what today brings. A lot can happen in a day. We need to stay positive even when something seems to fall apart. Even if one moment isn’t pleasant, you will take immediate steps to make the next moment better. Instead of focusing on what isn’t going right, you will start focusing on what you can control and how you influence situations. And you will also pause to notice those good moments which you would have otherwise overlooked.
6th March – Soul Sustenance
Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses We know the value of being self-aware and having a clear idea of our strengths and weaknesses. It helps understand how we relate with the world, why we behave in certain ways, and what aspects of our personality need changes. But often, we struggle to identify our own strengths and weaknesses, but can quickly point out positives and negatives in the people we are close to, people we hardly know, or even the people we dislike. In a world that is quick to judge and analyze other people, how often do we do the little exercise of checking our own personal strengths and weaknesses? Do you know your qualities? Have you experimented how it gives you an idea of how to improve yourself? We don’t spend enough time looking at ourselves. Today, listing 5 of our own strengths and weaknesses takes us longer, but we instantly state those of family members or friends. Knowing others or wanting them to change is of no use, they are not in our control. The only person we can change is ourselves. Spend 5 minutes every morning with yourself. Reflect on your thoughts and behaviors that feel comfortable, radiate right energy and bring right results. Those are your strengths. Nurture that quality. On the contrary, any vibration that feels uncomfortable is a weakness. You can work on overcoming it. Developing a beautiful relationship with the self and knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you improve constantly. Remind yourself - I know myself. I use my beautiful qualities always and with everyone. I'm aware of my weaknesses and am ready to change.  
5th March – Soul Sustenance
Time Cannot Heal Whenever we are struck with grief, pain, separation, failure or any disappointment, people often tell us - Time heals all wounds. But this is not true. Time is an external entity, our feelings are internal to us. Time is an external entity, it can’t enter our mind and change our feelings. Why we heal is because, as time passes, we take knowledge, reflect on what happened, talk to other people, understand life’s ways, become emotionally stronger and finally accept what happened. Only we can heal ourselves, not time. Take this moment to teach your mind to take personal responsibility of healing emotional wounds, and not waiting for time to heal. Repeat this affirmation everyday to release all the pain and discomfort you are holding onto. You will learn to face an uncomfortable emotion and find a tool of knowledge to heal it immediately. This makes you resilient. Affirmation - I am a powerful being. I have a beautiful relationship with my mind…I keep it happy and stable in every situation. I look at how I'm feeling today…if there is any pain of the past… any loss…failure…grief… any unfulfilled desire… that I had experienced… because of which my mind is not peaceful or happy….I know some people have been unfair to me …situations have been challenging… but I do not wait for time to heal me of past hurt ... time cannot heal…I choose when to heal myself….I decide to heal now…with understanding…No one can hurt me…people will behave as per their perspective. Situations were as they were meant to be. I created the hurt… It was my past karmic account ... I had written that scene in my destiny when I did that karma ... it’s over. I forgive myself for what for the hurt I created ... its over ... it’s over. I am the master of my emotions… I'm a master who chooses always… I choose who and what stays on my mind…my every feeling in every situation. I go beyond the hurt that I had created in the past…from today it’s a new karmic account...of peace and happiness.  
4th March – Soul Sustenance
Positive Thought Based Living (Part 3) A very easy technique of radiating good wishes at the level of the mind is looking at others as a spiritual being of light i.e. looking at the spiritual form of others. We all know from our previous messages that the soul is a spiritual energy which constantly radiates energy to the world. When I look at the star like form of others which is the form of the soul at the centre of the forehead, which is the same as my spiritual form, I radiate my original qualities of peace, love, purity and joy to others. It’s like empowering others with my vision. This again is to be done in complete humility and remembering that the other person is my soul brother and we are children of one Father - God and we share a common bond with Him. Also since we are children of the one Father, we have the same original sanskaras or qualities mentioned above. Every day you meet so many people. Look at them as soul brothers at the centre of the forehead – the sparkling star of spiritual energy, full of pure qualities. This way they will return what you share with them through your vision. God looks at all of us with this type of vision. God has the knowledge of your physical body or role but always looks at your star like spiritual form or the soul, which is your eternal form. The physical costume which we call the human body and the role we play is temporary and keeps changing. Lastly, never think negative for any person. The busier we become, the more negative we get at times for others because we do not have time for introspection or looking inwards. Very often, we have got into the habit of having a negative mindset especially when we talk to our loved ones or close ones about others. We commonly say such and such person is not so nice and we mention some negative personality characteristic or weakness of the other person or a certain negative way in which he or she has behaved. So common this is. You come home from office and talk to your family members about all the negative things that took place in your office and all the negative behaviors of everyone there. And all that you talk or discuss far away from the other person on a physical level but it all travels to others on a non-physical level, which creates barriers in relationships. So think positive and think good, spread the energy of positivity to others all the time and enjoy what we call positive thought based living.
3rd March – Soul Sustenance
Positive Thought Based Living (Part 2) Blessings from every person you meet will make your life more beautiful and free of difficult situations. Living a life of giving joy to others through the simplest possible ways like a smile or a warm greeting or a gesture of appreciation is a beautiful way of gathering blessings from everyone. It is said very commonly – give blessings and take blessings. That means the more you keep good wishes for others the more full of good wishes you will be which you will receive back from others. A good practice whenever you meet someone is to ensure that you have shared something with the other person e.g. If a person comes to you and he is lacking love, just look at him and create a pure and positive thought in your mind that may this person experience his original quality of love and may he share the same with others. Do this with a humble consciousness. This is like giving a blessing to the other. This will inspire the other person to change and imbibe the quality of love which he is lacking. You may think this won’t work, but the power of a positive thought created by you is immense, which can transform the other person completely. After all our thought energy does touch the other person’s consciousness on a subtle level. It’s like whispering into the other’s ears a message of pure love which he is lacking, listening to which is an inspiration for him to change himself. In the same way, if someone has a habit of becoming angry very easily and you pass her on a particular day on the street, look at her and send her a good wish that may you experience lots of peace which is your original sanskara. These are blessings which work magically. Powerful thoughts have immense power, much more than words. The pure love that you carry in this incognito way for others is like a healing balm for others which can make people more beautiful and bring them closer to you. Try giving a good wish to every person you meet in the day for one week. This way you will see how all your relationships with people become more beautiful and how everyone around you start becoming better individuals. It’s a beautiful practice. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
2nd March – Soul Sustenance
Positive Thought Based Living (Part 1) Living in a world of high speed and actions in our everyday lives, we need to spend a few minutes everyday looking at how much time did we spend in the day in giving and spreading the fragrance of our specialties and loving each one whom we meet, with a big heart. Always see and check whether each action of yours is dedicated to the benefit of others and not only for benefiting the self. We all know and realize that the day to day routine includes work tasks of different types but life is also about giving and receiving from others all that’s beautiful in life like peace, love and happiness. It’s fine to be over involved with work but even in that work there are some people who are more in touch with their inner goodness. Some will make it a point to share good things with others in the form of good words while talking to them and good gestures while interacting with them. Some people will make it a point to share with others, something good over email or on the phone before starting their daily routine at office or even the regular work at home if they are not working. So life isn’t all about working hard for a living but living a value based life and spreading the fragrance of values to others. Values are not to be kept within you but shared with others and distributed with a big heart. There are some people who will put up a good thought everyday. They will do it in their homes or on their computers screens or at some place in their office where everyone can read it, take inspiration from it, bring it into practice and also inspire others with it. This is called positive thought based living and not just plain living which most of us indulge in. Live life to the fullest and enjoy it but not at the cost of giving up values. Let every person whom you come in contact with, feel you are different not only in terms of personality and skills but also in terms of your basic nature and the virtues or qualities you possess. Then the world will become a beautiful place to live in and we will be like one big family closely knit together in a bond of pure love and happiness. (To be continued tomorrow …)  
1st March – Soul Sustenance
Let's Listen To God's Words Of Wisdom : Spiritual Message on Shivratri Shivratri is a festival which remembers God's role in the world and celebrates the transformation of the night of Kaliyug into the day of Satyug. God is a Supreme point of pure consciousness who is called by various names like Eeshwar, Bhagwan, Khuda, Shiva, Allah, Heavenly Godfather, Jehovah. When it is the end of the night of Kaliyug, He comes and talks to His children in the world and gives them spiritual wisdom. Every soul in the world desires for peace and joy, which God comes and creates in everyone's lives through His knowledge of the soul, the Supreme Soul or His own self and the World Drama. What is the knowledge that God shares. Let's listen to Him - You are a spiritual being or soul and not this physical body. The physical body is just your costume to play your role on Earth. I am God, your spiritual Father or Father of the soul and I am an Ocean of peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. Your original qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, which were there inside you when you were with me in the Soul World or the land of Nirvana, also called Shantidham, Paramdham and Muktidham. I am not omnipresent or present everywhere, but I stay in the Soul World, the world of pure silence. You feel my presence everywhere in the physical world. That's why you have called me omnipresent. You are a part of a World Drama of a maximum of 84 births, on Earth. Those of you who come earlier in the World Drama, take 84 births and those who come later, take lesser number of births, depending upon when you come down on the Earth from the Soul World. You have lost your original qualities as you came in the process of birth and death, through four yugas or ages - Satyug or the Golden Age, Tretayug or the Silver Age, Dwaparyug or the Copper Age and Kaliyug or the Iron Age. These 4 yugas span a total of 5000 years. The 5000 years World Drama repeats again and again. At the end of Kaliyug, I have come down in this world to teach you Rajyoga - a spiritual yoga or meditation in which you can connect with me and become pure and also regain all your lost qualities. When you become pure by connecting with me, you will return to the Soul World and stay there for some time. After that, depending on your part you will come down and play your role on Earth again.
28th February – Soul Sustenance
Before Meeting Someone, Create One Thought - That They Are A Pure Being -  Each time before we come into interaction with someone, we mentally create an image of how that meeting would go. If we are about to meet a stranger, we create curiosity and anxiety. And if it is someone we already know, we perceive them through our past experiences. Our vibrations, words and behaviour during the interaction will be based on how we think about them. When you interact with someone who you know, do you perceive that person based on past impressions about them? And if that past impression, which could be days or years old is negative, do you fear meeting them again now? Or do you meet people each time with a fresh, open mind? In our interactions, people may not speak or behave the way we expect. They are not in our control, but what we record on our mind about them is always our choice. Holding a clean perspective about people will radiate pure vibrations in the next meeting and will create a pleasant interaction. Every time we meet someone, we should meet them with a clean mind and with a thought - I am a pure being, meeting another pure being.  This thought deletes any unpleasant experience of the past. Otherwise the bitterness becomes a flavor of our next meeting. Don’t allow past experiences to become a part of your present and influence future interactions. Meet people with a clean mind and bless your meeting. Remind yourself - If I had an unpleasant interaction with someone, I clean my mind of the past experience before meeting them again. Cleaning your mind and creating a highest frequency thought for people helps you radiate authentic respect to them, before and during your interaction. Remind yourself - I meet people only after perceiving them to be pure, beautiful beings. This makes us comfortable in each other’s company. It also energizes us and our interactions.