The person sitting calmly in silence, a point of light representing god

The person sits calmly in silence, focusing on a point of light representing God, and remembering Him to find answers for a difficult situation.

Say 1 Line to Get God’s Answer to Your Problem

Have you ever wondered if one simple line could bring you closer to God’s guidance and transform your whole perspective on a problem?

The Power of the First Thought

When a challenging situation arises, our mind races with countless thoughts. What if the first thought you had was the right one, and it could instantly bring peace? In stressful moments, instead of questioning why things happen, what if we said, “This situation is beneficial for me”? Let’s explore how this simple line can transform our mindset and bring us closer to God’s answers.

Experiencing the Shift

Think about a time when a problem seemed terrible, but later you realized it was actually beneficial. Almost everyone has experienced this. Initially, we might ask, “Why did this happen?” but months later, we see the positive outcome. At Brahma Kumaris, we train ourselves to see the benefit immediately. By saying, “There is benefit in this situation for me,” we stop all negative and wasteful thoughts.

Rise Above the Situation

When you say, “This situation has come for my benefit,” your mind lifts, and the situation feels smaller. By rising above, you gain control and can radiate positive energy. This positive energy leads to inner peace, better health, and a faster resolution to problems. Instead of being consumed by negative thoughts, you bless the situation and start working on it with a positive mindset.

Seeking God’s Guidance

We often turn to others for solutions, but the best answers come from within and from God. When faced with multiple options or when you feel lost, say, “God, please tell me what is right for me.” Surrender your worries to God and trust that the answer will come. This can happen in a few ways:

  1. Inner Voice: Suddenly, you may have a clear thought or idea that you hadn’t considered before. This is God speaking to you through your intuition.

  2. Morning Clarity: Often, the solution comes as your first thought in the morning, after a night of rest when the mind is quiet.

By asking God for guidance and then quieting your mind, you create space for divine answers to emerge.

Practical Steps to Implement

  1. Morning and Night Routine: For the next 10 to 15 days, start and end your day by blessing your situation. Say, “This situation is beneficial for me,” and ask God for guidance.

  2. Pause and Reflect: Before reacting to any problem, take a 10-second pause. Use this moment to calm your mind and say, “This situation is beneficial for me.”

  3. Seek Inner Guidance: Trust your intuition. When faced with multiple options, say, “God, please tell me what is right for me.” Listen for the inner voice that emerges when the noise of the mind settles.

  4. Affirm Positive Outcomes: When uncertain about decisions, affirm, “Whatever is right for me, will happen.” This belief will help you attract the right solutions naturally.


By changing our first thought about a problem and seeking God’s guidance, we can transform our entire experience. Embrace the belief that every situation is beneficial and trust in God’s answers. Start this practice today and observe the positive changes it brings.


Guided Meditation Practice

(Turn on above audio and start practicing meditation)

I sit comfortably, reflecting on the power of a single thought to transform my perspective. When challenges arise, instead of questioning why things happen, I choose to think, “This situation is beneficial for me.” This simple line stops negative thoughts and brings me closer to God’s answers. I recall times when problems revealed themselves as beneficial, realizing that by affirming the positive, I lift my mind and radiate positive energy. I trust my intuition and seek God’s guidance by saying, “God is with for me.” I take a moment to calm my mind, visualize rising above the problem, and silently ask God for the right solution, feeling peace and clarity.

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