Is our destiny penned by divine will, or is it the result of our karma? " the image features symbolic representations of divine will and karma influencing a path or destiny, with a large question mark dominating the scene to emphasize the inquiry.

How to Live Life so that we Leave Without Pain?

In our life, we often find ourselves seeking divine intervention for the smallest to the grandest of our desires. From the fervent prayers whispered in the quiet corners of our rooms before exams, hoping for a little divine nudge in our favor, to the desperate pleas for health, safety, and prosperity, our conversations with God are a testament to our inherent belief in a higher power’s influence over our lives. But when life throws curveballs, shaking the very foundation of our faith, we’re left pondering whether these events unfold by divine will or if there’s another scriptwriter to our destiny: our actions, our karma.

Understanding Destiny and Divine Will

Since childhood, we’re told that not a leaf stirs without God’s will. This belief forms the bedrock of our understanding of life’s events, attributing everything from natural disasters to personal losses to divine decree. However, when faced with adversity, this notion becomes a double-edged sword, leading some to question the benevolence of a deity scripting such trials.

The concept that everything happens for a reason, and at the behest of a divine will, is comforting but also perplexing. Would a parent, given the power, script any hardship into their child’s destiny? The answer is a resounding no. Similarly, if we view God as the ultimate parent, it’s challenging to reconcile the presence of pain and suffering with the belief in a benevolent divine will.

Karma: The True Author of Our Destiny

The philosophical dilemma brings us to a crucial crossroad: Is our destiny penned by divine will, or is it the result of our karma? The latter offers a more empowering perspective, suggesting that our actions, good or bad, script our life’s journey. This viewpoint does not diminish the role of divinity but redefines it, positioning God not as the author of our destinies but as a guiding light, empowering us with wisdom, strength, and love to navigate the consequences of our actions.

The Ephemeral and the Eternal

As beings of energy, what we carry forward beyond this life is not the material wealth or the titles we’ve amassed but our sanskars (innate dispositions) and the karmic ledger of our deeds. Understanding this eternal truth underscores the insignificance of transient troubles and highlights the importance of living a life rooted in positive karma and virtuous sanskars.

The Role of God in Our Lives

God’s role, then, is akin to that of a parent or mentor, guiding us through the moral and spiritual knowledge to make choices that lead to a harmonious and fulfilling life. This divine guidance is the beacon that helps us navigate through life’s tumultuous seas, ensuring that when the time comes to shed our earthly coil, we do so with a legacy of positive karma and a spirit unburdened by unresolved conflicts or regrets.

Living and Leaving Without Pain

To live a life that ensures a painless departure, focus on cultivating positive sanskars and engaging in righteous karma. Remember, the final moments of our existence on this plane should reflect a state of contentment, peace, and readiness for what lies beyond, free from the chains of unresolved grievances and imbued with the lightness of being that comes from a life well-lived.


The journey of life, intertwined with divine wisdom and our actions, calls for a conscious effort to live virtuously and leave a legacy of positive karma. It’s a reminder that while we may seek divine intervention in our lives, the true power to shape our destiny lies within us, guided by the wisdom and love that the divine offers.

Reflective Questions for Readers:

  • How can you align your actions today to ensure a legacy of positive karma?
  • In what ways can you seek divine guidance to navigate life’s challenges while taking responsibility for your karma?

Key Takeaways :

  • Our destiny is shaped by our actions (karma) rather than predestined by divine will, empowering us to live with purpose and intention.
  • Divine guidance acts as a mentor, offering wisdom and support but leaving the responsibility of our choices and their consequences to us.
  • To leave without pain, we must focus on accumulating positive karma and sanskars, ensuring a legacy of virtue and peace transcends our earthly existence.

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