Devi Gayatri

Power to Discern

Our fifth soul power is; “Power To Discern”, and it is important to understand that each of these soul powers is crucial; the absence of any can lead to a loss of soul vibrations and divinity. The first four powers naturally combine, followed by the emergence of the next four, ultimately leading to a harmonious soul with increasingly positive vibrations.

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Essence from the Video

  • The symbol of this power is “Gayatri Devi,” representing divine intellect and wisdom. She holds the “Sudarshan Chakra” in one hand and the “Shankha” in the other, symbolising self-transformation and the need for introspection into our behaviour
  • Gayatri Devi’s companion, the wise Hans, symbolises the ability to discern truth without distortion. Correct testing is vital for making right decisions and avoiding ongoing mistakes
  • This power guides us to avoid deception by people and situations. It emphasises the importance of distinguishing truth from falsehood, relying on the subtle vibrations at work behind individuals. When our own subtle vibrations are true, we can effectively test and avoid deception

Inspirations for Today

  • Homework for the next 24 hours is; not focus on others’ behaviour, words, or actions. Instead, pay attention to the feelings inside yourself and how they help you stay attuned to your own vibrations
  • Keep affirming that “I am a powerful soul” and an “embodiment of discernment”

Looking forward to our valuable interaction tomorrow, we’re truly excited to explore another enriching aspect of life. Wishing you a day brimming with joy and motivation!

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