Maa Santoshi

Power of Love & Acceptance

After engaging our three primary powers, a fourth power naturally emerges: the “Power to Accept.” It surfaces as tolerance becomes second nature. All soul power serves as our nourishment, akin to a mother nurturing us. Thus, it’s essential not to claim a lack of power to adapt or vice versa. Saying we lack power implies depleting it at the source.

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Essence from the Video

  • The embodiment of power in this context is “Santoshi Maa“, who represents the goddess of contentment. She holds a bowl of rice, symbolising the harmonious union of love and unity, signifying the ability to manage and keep things together.
  • The “Power to Accept” instructs us to embrace whatever arises, whether it’s someone’s inherent nature or situations not aligning with our desires or expectations. Instead of emitting negative energy, we should acknowledge things as they are.
  • With diminishing expectations, our approach to learning becomes alike. Our shift is from inquiring “what” and “why” to emphasising solutions over problems.
  • Meditation also plays a significant role in nurturing and strengthening this power. As our expectations decrease and our soul power increases, it helps us accept things in a more profound and effective manner.

Inspirations for Today

  • Over the next 24 hours, our mission is to focus on finding solutions for someone’s behaviour, not fixating on the problem. Quiet the mind, accept things as they are, and anticipate progress.
  • Even if we possess everything externally, a “lack of contentment” with ourselves or our circumstances can diminish our soul’s power. The more content we become, the greater the growth of soul power within us.

Anticipating our valuable interaction tomorrow, we eagerly delve into another enriching facet of life. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and motivation!

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