8 spiritual power for self transformation

8 Spiritual Powers for Self-Transformation

There are different merged powers and virtues, which we require at times, but are unable to emerge them in our thoughts, words and actions at the right time. It’s time to make the paradigm shift from within.

Living a life full of different types of situations and meeting different types of people can bring with it certain challenges and the need to change your personality. Also, we need to increase our strengths and skills at the level of our personality so that we can adapt ourselves. Apart from inculcating different types of new personality characteristics, which are not there with us, we need to work on certain negative traits within us and remove them completely. These negative aspects influence us negatively and cause instability in our relationships. There are different missing powers and virtues, which we require at times, but are unable to reveal them in our thoughts, words and actions at the right time. Then using tools of meditation and spiritual knowledge, those powers and virtues can be made a part of our nature. 

The first and foremost power in any difficult situation is the power to change one’s thinking as per the needs of the situation, into a positive one. Then, creating a positive thought or a series of positive thoughts and preventing the situation or negative scene seem difficult to overcome in the mind. This is spiritual power in action or bringing it into practice. Also, the power of good wishes should be used to bring peace and harmony with those people with whom our relationships are not positive. Good wishes are virtues in action and make us loveable and humble. So, the more qualities and powers we fill inside ourselves, the more complete and spiritually skilled we become and the more successful we are. 

A very important spiritual strength that sometimes we need and are lacking is the power to mould as per the other person’s personality and behaviour. To mould yourself means adjusting your nature according to the need of the situation or as required in dealing with a particular type of person. Suppose someone is angry because of certain behaviour of mine. I may also be right in such a situation and may feel it is wrong or the other person to find fault with me. In such a case, to mould oneself means to argue less, to bow down, to be humble and to sacrifice the “I am right” consciousness. On the other hand, giving respect, being positive, and keeping the other person ahead are signs of an adjusting person. 

Also, a third strength or power is the power to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong and to select the right in the form of thoughts, words and actions and bring them into practical use. Suppose I know that in a certain situation, especially in dealing with people, I have two choices. In such a case, a good practice is to use the spiritual wisdom that I possess in my intellect and discriminate correctly and make the right decision. 

Other powers include power to tolerate a situation or a person. Sometimes, in many cases we are not able to cope with a person’s attitude which is different from ours, and we react or respond negatively. In such a case, it is the lack of this power. Also, the power to face is a significant power, a lack of which can cause us to become fearful of difficult situations. Sometimes, two people can experience and perceive the same situation differently because they are lacking in the same power to different extents. We all are lacking in some power or the other and it is only through practice and consistent self-effort that we can become very strong and full of all important powers. 

Another very important aspect of our daily lives is erasing or removing the negative personality traits that exist inside us. We also need to ensure that they do not come to the surface and do not cause hindrance in our everyday dealings. In this sphere of self-change, there are some people who are more sensitive to their weaknesses. They are always keen to transform or remove them completely while some are less sensitive and are unable to realise or check their weaknesses and change them. Spiritual power comes later in self-transformation only when we first use the power to realise that a particular weakness exists inside me. If I don’t realise, I will not work to bring that power inside me. Also, once the realisation is there, we need to think about possible thought patterns and efforts at the level of words and actions, which will take us to a perfect personality. We need to remove the flaws or weaknesses that give us unhappiness and make others also discontent. 

Lastly, the most important tool to be used in self-transformation is taking power from a higher spiritual source and then using that power to change our thoughts. Also, the power helps in changing the seed of the thoughts – our personality. Once the personality is changed, our thoughts start taking shape accordingly. Once the thoughts change, our feelings, attitudes, vision, words, and actions move towards a positive direction. Self-effort is not so difficult, but it can seem difficult if spiritual power is lacking. So, meditation is the foundation of all self-change, whether it involves imbibing new qualities and powers or whether it is becoming a better person, by removing weaknesses. Meditation is a connection at the level of the mind and thoughts with the Supreme Soul or God, who is an ocean of spiritual power or strength.

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Summary :

What is the power of positive thinking in spirituality?

The power of positive thinking in spirituality involves shifting your mindset to view challenges and situations in a more optimistic light. It allows you to create positive thoughts even in negative circumstances, helping you maintain inner peace and resilience.

The power of good wishes can transform your relationships by radiating positive energy and love towards others. It fosters humility and makes you more approachable and likable, thereby improving your connections with people.

The power to adjust and mold oneself is essential for harmonious interactions. It means adapting your behavior to suit the needs of a situation or person, promoting understanding and resolving conflicts effectively.

The power of discrimination involves making wise choices between right and wrong, good and bad. To develop it, practice using your spiritual wisdom to make decisions that align with positive values and virtues.

The power of tolerance enables you to remain calm and composed in challenging situations and when dealing with people with differing opinions. It helps you avoid reacting negatively and maintain inner strength.

Developing the power to face difficult situations and fears involves acknowledging and confronting your fears with courage and determination. It empowers you to overcome obstacles and grow stronger.

Meditation serves as the foundation for self-transformation by connecting you with a higher spiritual source. It helps in changing your thought patterns, improving your personality, and ultimately guiding your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards positivity.

Self-improvement begins with self-awareness. Identify your weaknesses and negative traits, and then use meditation and self-reflection to address and transform them. This process leads to a more content and harmonious life.

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