International day of peace and cultivating inner peace

International Day of Peace and Cultivating Inner Peace

September 21 is celebrated throughout the world as International Day of Peace (IDP). Peace is the gap between two thoughts; hence, the slower our thoughts the greater the experience of peace. Our thoughts are fast when they’re waste or negative, while pure and elevated thoughts are very slow in nature. 

Hence, in simple terms, the key to increase our experience of peace throughout the day is to do the following: 

  • Increase the number of high-quality thoughts
  • Reduce the number of low-quality (i.e., waste and negative) thoughts 

Role of Spiritual Knowledge 

Spiritual Knowledge helps us to increase positive thoughts by reminding us of subtle elevated truths. Introspecting on different points of knowledge helps us to multiply the positive information by adding new perspectives, view-points and angles to the knowledge. This is called churning of knowledge to create the butter of spiritual power. Churning of knowledge is not simply repeating what you have read but creating a movement of the knowledge inside the room of your mind and, then finally, implementing it in life. Such an exercise, when done over many days, creates soul power and strengthens our mind. In fact, it makes us extremely positive and free from negative and unnecessary thoughts that waste our mental energy when we indulge in them repeatedly. 

While interacting with others, we need to remember the following points:  

They’re pure, divine souls.  

They’re children of One and the Same Supreme Father; hence, we are spiritual brothers.  

We should look at their virtues and specialities. 

Remember the following elevated self respect points to remain in self awareness while working:  

I’m a unique soul with many specialities.

I’m God’s special child. 

God and all His powers are with me; success is my birth right.  

I’m a victorious jewel. 

I’m the hero actor of this world drama.  

I’m a divine soul. 

In relationships, we should remember that others are souls, who have been on a long journey, having different experiences; and, hence created different sanskars. Hence: 

They’re not wrong but right from their own perspectives.  

They’ve a reason for what they’re doing.  

It’s not their fault.  

They must have had a difficult day.  

They’re not actually saying to us, but just reflecting their inner disturbed state of mind.  

Let me send thoughts of peace to them.  

Happiness is my internal creation and choice; hence, I have the power to remain stable and happy irrespective of situations and people.

Role of Rajyoga Meditation 

Rajyoga meditation is the process of creating elevated thoughts. Positive thoughts emerge when we realise who we are and who we belong to. With that realisation and awareness, negative and waste thoughts finish. 

We can create the following thoughts in meditation for a powerful experience of peace: 

‘I am a peaceful being’, ‘I am a pure soul’, ‘I am the energy using this body’, ‘I am the master of this body’, ‘I see through the eyes’, etc. Along with this, we visualise ourselves as a very tiny sparkling point of light in the centre of the forehead, ‘Like me, God is also a point of light’, ‘He is the Ocean of Peace’, ‘His loving and powerful vibrations of peace are reaching me’, ‘I am full of God’s peace’, ‘God’s power is with me, all my tasks have become easy. Even if challenges come, God’s powers will help me cross them with stability.’ ‘I give all my burdens to God and become very light.’ 

Benefits of Peace

Hence, today, let’s aim to be peaceful the whole day. Being peaceful not only makes us feel very comfortable, but also helps us to do the following:  

  • To radiate good vibrations to the body, keeping it healthier. Peace makes the body organs work more efficiently and helps to improve sleep.  
  • To create a peaceful environment around, benefiting all.  
  • To significantly improve our focus/concentration resulting in improved work efficiency, intuitive ability, creativity, job satisfaction, etc.  
  • To provide greater space to understand, accept and accommodate others, thereby improving relationships.  
  • To inspire others to work in a peaceful way, thereby creating a wave of transformation. 

Hence, in essence, let’s remain in the awareness of our original quality of peace and remain connected to God, the Ocean of Peace. This keeps us full of the experience of peace, thereby making us instrumental in bringing the Land of Peace, the illustrious time of the GoldenAge once again.

Let’s remain in the awareness of our original quality of peace and remain connected to God, the Ocean of Peace.

Summary :

What is International Day of Peace (IDP) and why is it celebrated?

International Day of Peace is observed on September 21 to promote global peace and emphasize the importance of inner peace as a means to a peaceful world.

Inner peace is described as the gap between two thoughts, with slower and elevated thoughts contributing to a greater experience of peace.

To enhance inner peace, individuals are advised to increase the number of high-quality thoughts while reducing low-quality, negative, or wasteful thoughts.

Spiritual Knowledge helps increase positive thoughts by reminding individuals of elevated truths and requires introspection and understanding of spiritual principles.

Rajyoga meditation is described as a method to create elevated thoughts, leading to the elimination of negative and wasteful thoughts and a deeper connection to one’s true self.

Cultivating inner peace leads to improved physical health, a peaceful environment, enhanced focus, better relationships, and the ability to inspire positive change in others

The article suggests that by remaining aware of their inner peace, staying connected to God, and radiating peace, individuals can play a role in bringing about a peaceful world symbolized by the Golden Age.

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