Story Of an Angel

This animated documentary gives glimpses of the divine and powerful personality of Brahma Baba, who founded the Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization in 1936, upon receiving Godly directions. It captures a few important events that unfolded during the last few days of him being in the mortal coil. He left the body on 18th January 1969.

Ek Divya Kahani

The video song portrays the life story and legacy of Dada Lekhraj Ji, fondly known as Brahma Baba, the founder of Brahma Kumaris. He left the mortal coil on 18th January 1969. The song is sung by Sister BK Damini.

Teri Amar Kahani

The song highlights his unmatched virtues of unconditional love, simplicity, discipline, care and compassion. It also recounts the sustenance he gave to everyone in the yagya (organization) like a parent, empowering them to walk the path of self-realisation and follow an ideal way of spiritual living, as directed by the Incorporeal God, Shiv Baba.

The Tower Of Peace

Watch “Tower of Peace… The Story Behind”. A special dedication to Brahma Baba. Senior BKs and many Yogis share their experience with the Tower of Peace.

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