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Love hinds everything, everyone. Formation of love in itself is a creation of something fascinating. God, the creator who created this mother Earth with enchanting beauty, full of happiness, surprises, love, peace, purity, prosperity, made this out of great love. The 5 elements of Earth Le., bhumi (Earth), ap or jala (water), tejas or agni (fire), marut, vayu or pavan (air or wind) and akash (aether or void) were at the purest form in the beginning. We had the best minds, best bodies, healthy habits, prosperous life. But slowly the change happened, the development, upgradation crept in. But, degradation was in the disguise and now it is not hidden anymore. Increased population, diversification, pollution, illnesses and natural disasters are eating up this world. So, it is us who needs to act immediately and effectively to save our home. The Earth.

Mother as a caretaker raises a child, father works for the love and betterment of the child, a doctor supports in giving best healthcare. All of these people in our lives have the sense of kindness and responsibilities. Likewise, Earth with 5 elements with her as a whole nourishes us from the day we are born till the day we leave the body. In response to this we become indebted to Earth to care, love and heal her too because, she is getting depleted rapidly.

Modernization is the key to development and every change. Industrialization and urbanization are the part of modernization. Technology is on the zenith mode but also the problems associated with the byproducts it creates, Mining, automobiles, machinery create increased levels of carbon gases. Electronic wastes, toxins in the lakes and rivers. These days trending subjects are not just limited to fashion, breaking news, unlimited entertainment on internet, TV etc., but additionally includes low quality air, wastage and pollution of water, food, power wastage, diseases. We are not only technologically ahead, but also ahead in getting affected from many diseases. We don’t forget to charge our phones, get ready for work, timely payment of bills, cat, sleep, and sulk on our varying moods. But what we fail to identify and act upon is the necessity of plants and trees, ground water recharge, saving soil, water, unlikely climate change, to breathe fresh air, exist in a pure environment, feel the happiness by the touch of Mother Nature and create positive vibrations to heal her.

We are at the risk of improvisation, risk of the survival too. We are in between this evident deforestation, high pollution in the cities, pandemic in the world and natural calamities. We are at the losing end of the war that we created against nature rather than making peace and living in Harmony.

We are under the great existential threat; our age has ever faced.
Responsible steps with immediate effect to save our Earth:

“Be the change you wish to see in the World – Mahatma Gandhi”

● Let us create more awareness via social media, social events to grow more trees
● More usage of clean energy
● Let’s be a minimalist in every aspect (lessen Electricity, gas, petrol, internet usage, lessen food wastage, unnecessary shopping of materials)
● Let us radiate Good vibes to nature and to all the living beings which comes back to us 100 folds
● We shall eat more Satvik, plant based food

● We shall connect more with nature and heal our body with yoga, meditation, nature walk,sun-gazing techniques
● Let us thank our lovely God father every now and then for creating this wonderful, lovable Earth

Love is everything. Love is the greatest healer, Love for God and Mother Earth alone can bring change in us to create the better world free of junk, mind free of wastage. This is the time to act.

The time is now or never


Kalp taruh

Kalp Taruh

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