Khushi shrimali

Imagine a world, where trees danced with the singing of birds, where the flowing river exemplified absolute bliss, where the sun shone on the earth as if blessing it with more beauty and where the mountains stood up with glory. Where the soil was a loving mother, the wind a great friend, the sunlight a teacher, and the tree a father. Where they lived together in harmony and co-existence, being the members of one family.

Now imagine another world. Where trees are starving, birds crying, river storming with anger, mountains breaking down from their stability and winds roaring, like a lioness who is hurt because of her missing cub.

Is it difficult to bring back that former world now? Who is responsible for the current situation?

We are responsible for this disaster that we have brought about. But the biggest disaster isn’t this, but the fact that we continue to destroy it even after realizing that nature is on the verge of dying, providing the fuel to the fire. We have set the fire. Accept it. We are still giving the fuel. Accept it. Now, it is our responsibility, to extinguish it by taking proper measures. And just as a fire does not go away immediately, our wrongdoings will not be extinguished in a second. This chaos has built up over time, and mother Earth will also need some time to heal.

As being the attacker, it is now time that we play the role of the doctor. The doctor who not just supplies the physical medicine, but also the emotional medicine of love, support & compassion. We have played the role of exploiters, a role that we must be ashamed of. Mother Earth never asked us anything in return for the beauty it provided. But that didn’t mean we take up selfish measures and let the feeling of greed overtake us. Where have the feelings of gratitude disappeared? Why doesn’t our conscience pain at the thought of the suffering we are causing to this beauty that came to mesmerize us, which we have now turned into a wilderness?

We must first realize that we need to make ourselves pure. Only when we are pure, can we create thoughts of purity for others as well. The reason why this disaster occurred in the first place, is due to the feelings of impurity, selfishness, greed, anger present in our souls. We must first purify ourselves, remind ourselves of who we truly are. A conscient being, adorned with peace, love, joy, truth, and knowledge. When we truly realize ourselves and our role in this world, we will abstain from performing such acts which impure our souls. When we cleanse ourselves, only then can we have pure thoughts about everything else, including nature. This is the first step.

The second step, after one is aware, is to spread this awareness of ‘who we are’ to all others. The more aware we make people, the more cognizant they become and the more knowledgeful. Which, as a result, then creates a ripple effect of growing awareness throughout the world. It creates a movement of enlightenment.

The third step, is to heal the Earth and bring back its lost glory, not just in physical action, but through emotional actions as well. We must plant trees, actively support organizations which are helping various aspects of nature such as soil conservation and have laws & policies reinforced for the betterment of mother nature. Apart from these physical actions, we must also practice several emotional actions as well. We must educate everybody on the Human values of gratitude, love, and compassion towards all things that nature has given us. We must be respectful, and worship nature just as we worship God. Only then will we extinguish our ego which considers everybody & everything inferior to us, and start respecting everything for what they are.

These are small steps. Steps, that if the entire world population took, which is about 8 billion people right now, would create a massive change all around the world. We don’t need just billionaires giving away money to charities that create change, we need the cooperation of everybody. When each one of us, takes the responsibility to take care of our Mother Earth, we can create that world of beauty, of wonder, of bliss, of equanimity. Our Earth, who took care of us like a mother, is now been neglected by her own children. It is time, that we as responsible children now take care of our mother, who once cared for all of us with unconditional love. Our Mother is in pain. If we don’t listen to her grieving and give her the support and love that she deserves and requires, sooner or later, we will grieve with guilty.

Let us join hands, let us heal our mother Earth, and bring back her lost glory. It is time to bring her alive, and this can only happen, by you, and me.

Kalp taruh

Kalp Taruh

Kalp Taruh is a key plantation project cum mechanism By Brahma Kumaris to ensure land restoration and promote higher order values for building a better

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