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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert swan


Earth is nature as a whole, Earth is lakes, rivers, and oceans, Earth is plants, shrubs, trees, Earth is mountains, glaciers, Farth is insects, reptiles, birds, Farth is animals, and humans, Farth is a mother who gave birth to millions of species.

Earth- Motherland to each life.

But have we humans maintained its splendor? Have we given Earth back what we’ve got until now? The crisis confronted by humans today is climatical adjustments – growing worldwide temperatures, depleting woodland cowl, contamination of our lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, and deteriorating air first-rate, etc.

Have you ever wondered why is this happening?

It is us, humans who’ve destroyed the earth at a peak and are nonetheless destroying it. To construct industries we people have cut down thousands and thousands of forests all around the Earth, the industries that pollute the air, and water develop a risk and hazard to every existence on the earth

Despite unavoidable free offerings supplied by the Earth to human beings, we are not capable of paying off her kindness to us. As a substitute, we people are being cruel to our Earth with our egocentric sports. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Earth offers enough to satisfy every man’s need, however not every man’s greed.” 50, what may be a remedy to this? It is straightforward, every person should implement it on their very own. Solutions to these issues are possible for superior creatures like us if we are devoted. As a global citizen & youth, even I have duties and responsibilities to my mother earth. A person can cause collective action on a big scale. Easy steps can be adopted, like choosing electricity-green household gadgets like water heaters, air-conditioning, refrigerators, tv, the use of electricity judiciously, and, putting in solar water heaters, switching to green LED lighting fixtures are some measures possible to take. Water saving techniques like low drift showers, low float faucets with aerators, fixing leaky faucets and pipes, dual flush, fending off water wastage, rainwater harvesting, occasional drift water closets, and so on. There are several water-conservation measures that may reduce dependency on freshwater, a treasured aid.

Decreasing the waste generated through selecting sustainable and biodegradable alternatives to plastics, minimizing waste generation in widespread, fending off single-use plastics, decreasing food waste and segregation of waste (organic, dry waste, and biodegradable waste at least) and recycling materials are measures that may reduce waste finishing up in landfills or polluting our water our bodies. The growing focus among own family individuals, especially children, and youth will bring about a societal transformation closer to a sustainable lifestyle There are examples of numerous families these days that might be powered finished utilizing solar energy and sustained on rainwater for a maximum of the year.

Even government contributes a vital role in facilitating favorable renewable energy rules adoption of easy technology for electrical motors, renewables via groups, and climate movements.

Now you may be confused about where to start. This would be something we can do.

Our first role in nature will be to lessen our carbon footprint through eco-friendly sports. Then, we will be able to shape a green business enterprise together with some other active youths to raise awareness in our peer circle, neighborhood & community about environmental sanitation via converting degradable wastes into compost manure & with the aid of the 3R principle (reuse, reduce & recycle) of non-degradable wastes, We can organize workshops with nearby people that air pollutants can be managed via changing household energy resources like coal, firewood, and so forth. With energy, biogas, or solar energy & we can negotiate with manufacturing facility owners & automobile proprietors to use dust & smoke purification systems in industries & automobiles & we can encourage them to use sun-strength-based industries & motors.

We can arrange environmental sanitation applications & afforestation packages in barren lands. We youths can convince the government to carry eco-friendly development rules & right making plans for towns. We will organize orientation programs approximately weather trade, its reasons, and results & mitigation measures in colleges & faculties to induce different youths in the direction of the conservation of nature,

Thousands of acts of green are taking place across the planet. From school and college students in classrooms to organizers of communities to officers in government, there are approaches for everybody of any background to make a distinction. One should begin small and go big or begin big and live large. Either manner, keep coming lower back, hold taking action, and be part of the motion.

Therefore, for the sustainability of our planet, I promise to fulfill my obligations towards mother Nature as a global citizen to shield my living planet from deterioration & hand over an easy & green planet to our future generations. Perhaps our efforts may additionally appear small but if heaps of youths can unite collectively in the direction of nature-conservation then. at some point cur efforts can be a drastic step to defend our motherland Earth from destruction.

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