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Don’t Absorb Pain From Others … Radiate Happiness

We were always taught never to give pain or sadness to anyone. It was wrong karma. So we are careful in our actions and interactions with people. But an equally important skill to master, is to not take pain or sadness from others. Absorbing people’s pain is as equally damaging as giving it. You live a righteous life. You have never intentionally given pain to people. But, have you taken pain from people without even knowing it? Which means, do you go into pain seeing someone sad? Or do you feel uncomfortable when someone behaves in ways that you don’t approve of? It’s important not to inflict pain on anyone, but equally important is that we should not consume anyone’s pain. People around us are in emotional pain. They are insecure, jealous, angry or scared. Since they haven’t healed their pain, they radiate these energies to us with their behaviors. They are unwell and not intentionally harming us. If we create hurt seeing them hurt, we consume pain. If we question and resist their behaviors, we again consume pain. Our responsibility is to detach emotionally, remain stable and understand them. Let us radiate acceptance and support them. Be a strong caregiver to people who are in pain, instead of catching their emotional infection.

Remind yourself everyday that you are a happy being. Remain calm and at ease in every scene everyday. Do not have expectations from anyone and do not seek happiness but be a radiator of happiness and bliss. Let your every word and behaviour be a blessing for people. Each individual is playing their role based on their nature. Some people are in pain because of a past emotional wound, someone is unwell, someone has issues in relationship, problems at work. They are all in pain, their behaviors reflect their pain. Witness their actions as a detached observer. Do not absorb their pain and hurt yourself and do not question it. Do not give them pain or take their pain. Understand their thought process, their perspective, their pain. Understand them, accept them, remain stable and remain happy in every scene. As your vibrations of happiness continue to flow to them, your energy heals them. By not getting sucked into people’s emotions, your stability becomes their healing.

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