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The Subtle Role Play Of Thoughts And Images (Part 1)

The human soul is a subtle (non-physical) stage on which a subtle role play of thoughts and images constantly takes place throughout the day and even while sleeping, although it is much lesser while sleeping. Our thoughts are of 4 main different types – positive which are based on virtues, necessary which are related to day-to-day activities, waste which are mainly unnecessary and related to the past, future and other people and negative which are related to vices and other weaknesses. In the same way, we also constantly create images, which are of the same 4 types. The soul is a spiritual energy made up of the mind, intellect and sanskars. The mind thinks or speaks subtly and the intellect visualizes or sees subtly, almost all the time.

These two processes function, sometimes independent of each other as well as sometimes dependent on each other or influencing each other e.g. think of peace and that leads to visualizations related to the same. Visualize an unpleasant scene of anger and hatred, and your thoughts are led in that direction. Sometimes these two processes function at the same time and sometimes one at a time. Sometimes neither functions at all, which happens much more frequently while sleeping as compared to when we are awake. This subtle, physically invisible role play is the foundation of the physical role play of words and actions that is visible to the self and to everyone else around us.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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