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The Subtle Role Play Of Thoughts And Images (Part 2)

What the quality of a soul’s thoughts and images that it creates is, depends on the soul’s sanskars. Depending on the quality, the soul experiences the various different emotions, whether positive or negative. When the soul first incarnates on the physical world stage from the soul world, because its sanskars are of a higher quality at that time, the quality of this role play of thoughts and images is pure and positive, hence it experiences only positive emotions like peace, love and joy. As it plays its different roles through different physical bodies and comes down in the birth-rebirth cycle, this quality reduces, leading to the experience of emotions like peacelessness, hatred and sorrow.

A point worth noting is that the key to any deep emotional experience, whether positive or negative, is the creation of thoughts as well as images related to that particular emotion at the same time e.g. think and visualize at the same time, the death of a close relative that took place ten years ago and you immediately have a deep experience of sorrow. Think and visualize together, a loving hug of your mother that took place in your childhood, and you immediately experience deep happiness. This type of co-ordination between these two subtle processes is true concentration. The key to any type of spiritual experience is making these two processes spiritually positive. The Rajyoga meditation that is taught at the Brahma Kumaris, is a spiritual thought process in the mind accompanied by a spiritual visualization process in the intellect, in which thoughts and images of the spiritual self (or soul) and the Supreme Being (or Supreme Soul) are created together to experience the original qualities of the spiritual self and the eternal qualities of the Supreme Being – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth.

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