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Who Is The Source Of Wisdom At The Brahma Kumaris (Part 3)?

We have discussed in the last two days’ messages that God is the Supreme Being and the source of wisdom at the Brahma Kumaris and not any human soul. The next question arises, why should we trust the truths God shares and keep aside some of the beliefs the world has. Some of these beliefs of the world are of the soul, God, the World Drama and its duration as well as about the different Ages or yugas in the World Drama and also about the origin of the Universe and its evolution and what is the age of anything that is found in the world of the past, which the world today believes in a lot. Why are some of these beliefs different from what God shares? Let’s understand –

  1. No human soul knows the complete truth about the world and its complete history and background with each and every fact with 100% accuracy. This is because it is the law of the World Drama that once any human soul changes its physical costume and goes into another birth, it forgets its past birth and the different events of that past birth completely. Only God does not come in the cycle of birth and rebirth and is a spectator of the entire World Drama from the soul world, where He stays, and He knows every detail of the Universe – past, present and future. Also, only God knows how time is cyclic and how the World Drama repeats itself. The cyclic time theory has been shared by a few people in the world’s history in different parts of the world but the more popular theory in the world is linear time theory. The cyclic time theory states that time is a circle with no beginning and end point. It means time is constantly moving from one moment to another eternally. On the other hand, linear time theory states that time is a straight line with a beginning point and an end point of the Universe. God explains to us clearly how time is cyclic and not linear and how the World Drama moves from a phase of purity, peace and happiness or the day of humanity (Heaven) to a phase of impurity, peacelessness and sorrow or the night of humanity (Hell). God is the One who transforms the night of humanity to the day of humanity with His spiritual wisdom, purity and power and this World Drama of day (Heaven) and night (Hell) repeats itself again and again, just like the day-night cycle of the physical world. Linear time theory, which the world believes in today, sees all events and facts of human existence differently as compared to cyclic time theory of the world, which God explains is the truth.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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