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Greet Everyone You Meet With A Smile

Good morning, Good night, All the best … Sometimes greetings become mere words, without any feelings created. We can wish people perfectly with an All the best, even though internally we doubt their ability. Greetings are not mere words but high-energy blessings, where we firmly believe only nice things should happen with the other person. But at times, we say it so casually that it remains a phrase, with no feelings attached.

  1. Greet everyone enthusiastically when you meet them for the first time in the day – family, neighbors, strangers, co-travelers and colleagues. It’s an opportunity to create and radiate pure energy.
  2. It takes 3 seconds to smile and greet people genuinely. Create an intention and conviction that their day will be perfect. This raises vibrations of people and the environment. And you are the first one to experience happiness as a result of your good thoughts.
  3. Voluntarily greet people. Do not be reluctant just because someone is younger by age, junior by position, or if ego stops you. Radiate goodness to everyone, every time.
  4. Even if someone does not acknowledge, sustain your beautiful quality. Continue to greet them the next day…and the next. Watch how the energy positively impacts you and them.

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