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Support People’s Decisions Even If They Reject Your Advice

We give perfect advice with pure intentions, but sometimes people reject our advice and take a decision which we believe is not right. We express our pure intentions and right suggestions, but the other person might decide to implement their own idea.

    1. Recall a situation when your view was rejected, and you warned someone with your best intentions as – Just follow my advice. Doing any other way will have difficult consequences. You’ll never be happy.
    2. Once people take a decision, even if it is opposite of what you wanted them to do, change your thought process. Instead of saying – now wait and watch what happens next, tell them – If you are still going ahead with your decision, I am always with you.
    3. Don’t withdraw support and definitely don’t wait for them to fail so that they feel guilty and after that start obeying you. Even if their decision turns out to be wrong for them, do not taunt people. Meditate for them, empower them, increase their self-confidence, and help them focus on solutions rather than past mistakes.
    4. Any advice that is perfect for you, need not be right for someone else. Your advice is on the basis of your nature, talents, capacity, perception and priority. These parameters will be different for other people.

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