Increasing soul power through meditation

Increasing Soul Power Through Meditation

One of the most important benefits of meditation is increasing soul power and making our thoughts free of negativity and weakness. God is a spiritual energy and the most powerful soul that exists and is called the World Almighty Authority. When we meditate, we connect with God and absorb His power inside us. Let us see 5 ways in which we can increase soul power with meditation –

  1. Visualize God As A Supreme Power And Connect To Him – When we meditate, we first experience ourselves as a soul, a sparkling star, at the center of the forehead, which radiates peace, love and joy. In this pure feeling, we travel as a being of light to the beautiful soul world, which exists beyond the physical Universe and make a deep connection with God, a Supreme Being Of Spiritual Light and Might. This fills the soul with immense power.
  2. Have A Conversation With God Everyday And Fill Yourself With Power – God is an Ocean of Love and Patience and listens to us when we connect with Him in meditation. We can fill ourself with determination by talking to God and face life’s difficult situations without any fear and impatience.
  3. Experience God With You In Every Action And Move With Strength – When we perform any action with our own soul power, we have limited strength. But, when we experience God in every action with us, our strength increases because God’s power guides that action. When we do this everyday, we become stronger and more resilient.
  4. Start Everyday By Imbibing God’s Wisdom And Goodness – Listening to God’s wisdom in His powerful remembrance is a beautiful way to begin the day with. As we charge our mind and intellect with God’s words full of goodness, we increase our soul power and radiate that power to everyone when we interact with our family, friends and colleagues at our workplace
  5. Fill The Atmosphere Of Your Home And Workplace With God’s Love And Power – An important way of increasing soul power is to share that power with everyone and bring everyone closer to God and His loveful remembrance. So, we should make an effort to create interest in meditation in everyone we meet everyday.

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