Soul sustenence eng 1st apr 23

The Supreme Star Shines Above Us (Part 1)

Life is a beautiful journey, in which we are always surrounded by many people and we wish for good things for others as well as ourselves. Yes, sometimes, all that we wish for everyone is fulfilled and sometimes it is not. It is worth wondering that everyone wants good not only for their loved ones but for each and everyone in the world. Yet at times it can happen that all the good that we feel everyone deserves does not come to them or comes a little late. Do we wish for the same things for each other? Yes, at times. In fact, most of the time. After all, all of us desire the same good things in life – love, joy and peace on a spiritual level and health, wealth and success in our roles and relationships on a physical level. We are souls or beings who have played many beautiful roles with each other in many past lives or births. And, while doing that, we experienced many pure love filled relationships. God is the Supreme Star of spiritual light, the Spiritual Parent, whom we all look upto and wish for good things in this life. We do this not only for ourselves but for all the souls of the world, which is our world family, with which we are connected eternally.

God fills us with the knowledge and strength to fulfill these wishes of happiness for each other and for ourselves. Let’s embark on a journey in reaching out to each and every soul in the world and fulfill this task. God, the Supreme Star shines above us, under whose guidance, we can do this.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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