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Balancing Soul Power And Role Power For Success (Part 1)

Every act that we are involved in throughout the day is made possible or real by two entities – soul and role working together. Although, it is a spiritual fact that the soul is the master and makes the role function and also without the soul the role cannot function; while playing any role in our day-to-day life we tend to forget this fact and our entire focus falls on the role that is to be played, forgetting that by doing that, we bring down the probability of success of that role in our personal or professional life. Focusing positively on the soul and its different aspects while playing the role fills the role with soul power and focusing on the role and its different aspects while playing the role fills the role with what we can call role power. We need to create a balance between the soul and the role and a balance in using both soul power and role power to bring about the success of the role. The role could be of any type. Even a project that you have to work on in the office which is going to last for a month is an example of a temporary role you have to play. There are many other examples of roles – getting your child’s homework done, preparing food for the entire family, doing charity work together, finishing your education and taking a good degree, taking part in an extracurricular activity in school or college, taking care of your physical health with a good plan of diet, exercise and sleep etc.

Any such role will consist of some or all of these aspects – the physical body; various tasks; interaction with people or relationships; mediums like information, wealth, technology and other objects; time; knowledge of everything connected with the role including the aspects that make up the role; etc. All these aspects are physical in nature and make up the role. The power that these aspects possess makes up what we call role power. Now, what happens is that as soon as we step into the role each day or on a particular day, obviously our aim is to bring about success of the role, but to achieve that, our entire focus falls on using the power of the role, neglecting the immense potential that soul power possesses. We spend a lot of time and energy in streamlining the different aspects of the role mentioned above, for the well-being of the role, not realizing that this purpose could be more easily achieved, if the focus was also on using soul power, obviously without neglecting role power, without which the purpose cannot be achieved.

In the next two days’ messages, we shall explain the different aspects that make up soul power.

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