25th jul soul sustenance

Giving Unconditional Love To Everyone

We are all special souls in this World Drama and as beautiful children of God, we all love each other spiritually and are a part of a global divine family of billions of souls. God is our Supreme Father and Mother and an Ocean of pure love, which He showers on us at every moment of our lives. Being His children, we should also not only love God but also love every soul on the planet. Let us explore a few ways by which we can do that –

1. Share A Smile And A Greeting With Every Soul You Meet – Every day we meet so many people of different types of personalities, some positive and some negative also. Gift a pure smile full of humility and a positive greeting through your words to each and everyone. Bless the other soul with goodness.

2. Look At Everyone As A Beautiful Soul And Wish Them Success – The most beautiful thing we can do everyday is seeing every soul’s goodness and leaving a good wish in their heart whenever we meet them. If we wish good for others, they will wish good for us and our pure love will increase immensely.

3. Give A Feeling Of Belongingness To Every Soul – Although every soul is a child of God, today in the world the connection between God and human souls is not very strong. It’s our responsibility to give every soul in the world a feeling of Godly belongingness and fill them with Godly love, care and support.

4. Give Love And Receive Love And Create A Positive Bond – Sometimes some souls will not give you love and joy, but will dislike you. At such times don’t ever absorb their negative vibrations but transform them with your positive vibrations full of love. Deep bonding with every soul will make them also loveful.

5. Give God’s One Quality To Everyone Everyday – God is an Ocean of beautiful qualities. Our journey of connecting to Him by listening to the wisdom He shares and remembering Him constantly fills us with His qualities. Share one God’s quality in the entire day in your family, social and professional circle.


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 దేవీ దేవతల 36 దివ్య గుణాలు

నిన్నటి సందేశంలో, దేవీ దేవతలలో ఉన్న 36 దివ్య గుణాలను ప్రస్తావించాము. మనం పరిపూర్ణంగా, స్వచ్ఛంగా మరియు ప్రశంసనీయంగా తయారవ్వటానికి మనలో ప్రతి గుణం చెక్ చేసుకొని ధారణ చేద్దాము. ఈ గుణాలన్నింటినీ మనం

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