The 7 days course of the brahma kumaris (part 6)

The 7 Days Course Of The Brahma Kumaris (Part 6)

A common question asked by newcomers to the Brahma Kumaris is that why we cannot just learn meditation and why do we need to attend all the different sessions of the 7 days course, which explain the spiritual wisdom. This is because some of the new souls are searching primarily for peace of mind and happiness through meditation and want to experience freedom from stress and increase their inner strength to face life’s everyday problems by practicing meditation. The answer to this question is very simple. Unless we understand the complete wisdom of the soul, God or the Supreme Soul and the World Drama clearly, we cannot connect with God in meditation accurately and we do not deeply realise the importance of meditation and how, other than filling us with peace and happiness, it also purifies us and cleans us of all of our negative sanskars, which have accumulated in the soul over many births, since the Copper Age. Also, we cannot experience the spiritual relationship between the soul and God correctly and deeply, which is required for good quality and beautiful meditation.

There are no charges for the 7 days course and the only thing you have to spend is your time of 7 hours and these 7 hours will transform your entire life and increase its quality in all ways – mentally, emotionally and physically. This is because you get answers to all your questions related to spirituality, spiritual wisdom and the Law of karma and you learn how to lead a pure and positive lifestyle. You also come close to God and start remembering Him in meditation after knowing Him completely. Anyone who is interested in undergoing the course, can contact their nearest Brahma Kumaris centre, which is like God’s spiritual home, where God or your spiritual parent will give you the key of spiritual wisdom, which will change your destiny forever and eternally.

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