Attitude matters (part 1)

Attitude Matters (Part 1)

A beautiful aspect of our lives which we sometimes do not give adequate importance to is the need for taking care of our attitude towards everyone and how we look at each one. There was once a businessman who became known as the most successful person in his field because of his hard work and dedication. Thousands of people admired and respected him. Everyone’s attitude was extremely nice and positive towards him. Sometime in the middle of his career he started doing badly and suddenly people began to move away from him. The attitude of many people towards him started becoming negative and the same people who were happy with him, in his success, were no longer there for him, in his life’s difficult situation. The world had turned its back to him. Why did he face such a response from the people around him? Was something lacking in him? Did he commit some mistake? Not at all. But the world was like that for him. Having a negative attitude. Spiritual wisdom says your attitude for everyone should not only be positive but ever-positive i.e. continuously positive.

Are we able to always have a positive attitude for everyone? Do you ever wonder what stops us from doing that? Our attitude towards people changes very easily. There is an example of two people A and B having a conversation amongst each other. B explained something negative about C to A and went away. Later in the day, C came to A to ask for help and A refused to help because he thought C was not a nice person. Who was responsible for this action? B and his negative feedback about C which he gave to A. This changed A’s attitude towards C. This can happen with us in our social circles or in our offices or even in our families. Attitude matters. It is the foundation stone of all relationships. Let’s give it a thought in the next two day’s messages.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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