5 positive affirmations for good health

March 14, 2024

5 Positive Affirmations For Good Health

  1. I am a soul full of all qualities and powers … I nourish each cell of my body with my qualities and powers, making my mind and body healthy and filled with positive energy … My complete positivity makes my immune system strong and my life long …
  2. I am a powerful and pure energy situated at the centre of the forehead … I radiate the beautiful white rays of my purity and power to my physical costume … My entire physical body is cleansed … All my body systems experience good health …
  3. I am a soul with positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes which make my aura beautiful and radiant … My aura influences my physical body to fill my body with beautiful vibrations … These vibrations protect my body always …
  4. I radiate my vibrations of peace and stability to everything I eat and the medicines which I take for my body … They absorb these vibrations and benefit my mind and body to make them healthy, happy and strong … I always attract positive health help at the right time and in the right way …
  5. I am a blissful being, the child of God – The Ocean Of Bliss … My mental and emotional lightness influences my physical organs and makes them light and relaxed … Others who meet me and see me get inspired to bring lightness and health in their lives …

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Returning to my original state of goodness (part 3)

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