6 positive affirmations for inner strength

December 18, 2023

6 Positive Affirmations For Inner Strength

  1. I am a very valuable soul … My every thought, word and action is pure, positive and powerful.
  2. I am a star of success … Everything I do is important and beneficial and it always brings success.
  3. I am a powerful soul … I use my treasures of wisdom, qualities, powers, thoughts and time in a positive way to become powerful.
  4. I am a soul with strong self-esteem … I start my day with reading positive spiritual wisdom and maintain the positive mindset every second of the day.
  5. I am motivated and fearless … Every hour for a minute, I take a break and observe my thoughts and change their direction from negative to positive.
  6. I am a determined soul … I inspire myself and others at every step and don’t let negative situations weaken me and reduce my dedication towards any action.

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