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Gratitude For Challenging Situations

We usually express our gratitude for all the good things in life, but we rarely practice gratitude for challenging situations. It is important to be grateful to the toughest struggle and the deepest grief, because those difficult experiences are beneficial – either they result in something good, or they make us internally stronger. Can you recall a situation you really struggled to cope with? While going through that challenging phase, did you get angry, critical, anxious, bitter or hurt? And after you successfully crossed the issue, were you grateful to the chaos, for bringing out your best? Instead of accepting challenges, we feel it’s normal to get hurt, upset, blame our fate, or blame someone else. These reactions deplete our energy further and snatch our strength to face the circumstance. Our weakness makes the problem appear even bigger than it actually is. Let us be grateful to challenges for showing us our true potential. When pushed out of our comfort zone we emerge certain qualities which we were not even aware of. Our power to face, power to tolerate, power to adjust are activated. Gratitude strengthens us internally, increases our capacity, protects us from negative energies and radiates our highest energy to the scene. Accept and respect challenges by showing gratitude. Your energy influences them and helps you cross them with stability.

Start teaching your mind to be grateful to adversities in life for showing your inner potential. Experience contentment and thank God for who you are and what you have. Thank every situation in your life. Remember every scene is perfect, as it is meant to be. Thank whatever it brings to you. Accept every situation as if you had chosen it. Understand it is a karmic outcome, a result of your past karma. Even in the face of a tragedy, a calamity, a crisis, don’t question the scene. Understand it is accurate and beneficial. Situations can be imperfect, but your state of mind should be perfect. Don’t create stress, pain or fear. Your gratitude influences the situation positively, your acceptance silences your mind. Choose the right thoughts, activate your intuition and listen to your inner voice. Do the right karma now and cross the situation with stability and dignity. Be grateful for the opportunity to settle your past karmas. Be grateful for the opportunity to increase your inner power, to come out of it stronger and to take the lessons forward.

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