Let’s heal the world with our blessings (part 1)

April 3, 2024

Let’s Heal The World With Our Blessings (Part 1)


A special relationship that we all hold with each other is of sharing joy and love with each other which keeps us full of energy and also enthusiastic throughout the day. People who accompany us in the journey of life fill our lives with their blessings, which make us light and help us cross difficulties. Along with our own spiritual power, its people and their love that also fills us with strength. Blessings of love, it is commonly said, can move mountains, but the fact is that blessings full of spiritual power can even change the entire planet. This is what we, with the help of all the people of the world, have to take a responsibility of doing – of changing the world’s atmosphere of sorrow by giving spiritual blessings to the world in the form of pure and positive thoughts of good wishes of change. 

When we read the newspapers or listen to the news on television or even see in our everyday lives, there are thousands of scenes of violence, murder, acts of impurity influenced by lust, accidents, poor physical as well as mental health, natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, tsunamis, volcanoes etc. and other calamities like forest fires. There are many other issues also like poverty, climate change and global warming and conflicts in interpersonal relationships. There are also wars being fought and immense fear due to them in some pockets of the world. All these events are extremely shocking and are countless images of pain that grip the world’s emotions from time to time. They bring our attention to how we are living in a world of sorrow where people in some pockets of the world are facing great difficulties. There are millions suffering in silence and need a lot of help and support from us, not only on a physical level but at the level of positive and invisible spiritual energy also.  

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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