Practice listening to your intuition

December 7, 2023

Practice Listening To Your Intuition


When our mind is calm and intellect is pure, the power of our intuition is activated. Intuition, also known as the inner voice or 6th sense, refers to the inner wisdom which goes beyond the limitations of our five senses. Intuition knows what is right or wrong, feels the truth, and constantly gives us signals. Tapping into our intuition is our greatest gifts, but often we don’t listen to it. 

Have you been in situations that made you say – I wish I had listened to my instincts, Something tells me this is not the right step. or I have a feeling this relationship will be wonderful. Do you experience that inner voice or intuition giving you signals from time to time? There are thousands of decisions we make every single day, and sometimes we just can’t seem to discriminate what is right or wrong, and what is true or false. Our intuition or wisdom has all the answers we need. So we just need to listen to it. But often we discriminate things based on beliefs created by society, people’s opinions or acquired information. Our innate wisdom which we call the inner voice or intuition always knows what is right for us. It constantly guides us in the right direction, and all we need to do is to learn to listen to it. Let us spend a few minutes with ourselves on a daily basis. Meditation and spiritual study silences our noisy minds and activate our intuition. You have all the answers within, tap into that wisdom to make every choice and decision. Remind yourself – I am intuitive. Each time I need to take a decision, I surrender to my intuition and it always gives me the right answer.

Your intuition will protect you in every situation. When you listen more to your intuition, you will also master the art of silencing your mind, thereby controlling your thoughts better. Remind yourself – I trust my intuition. I listen to it and get a response, which is right for me and for everyone else involved in the scene.

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