Maa Jagdamba

Power to Tolerate

“Power to Tolerate” represents our third essential strength, closely intertwined with “Power to Withdraw” and “Power to Let Go“. By detaching ourselves from the behaviours and energies of others without succumbing to upset, we gain the capacity to handle situations gracefully and release unnecessary attachments, thus invoking the “Power to Tolerate” organically.

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Essence from the Video

  • This power is embodied by “Jagdamba Maa“, affectionately known as the mother who lovingly tolerates everything and showers unconditional love on her children, guiding and transforming them. She has never counted how much she has endured.
  • This power teaches us to be tolerant of our own values. Avoid fault-finding and self-criticism. Self-love comes before loving others. Positivity within us spreads to those around us.
  • This power naturally prevents us from depleting our soul’s strength and enables us to engage in loving conversations with our own minds, thus leading to its transformation.
  • Lastly, it’s important to clarify that when we discuss the power of Maa, we are referring to “Soul power”, not gender-specific power. Nurturing is a capacity that can be embraced by individuals of any gender. 

Inspirations for Today

  • Our foremost task for next 24 hours is self-realisation, comprehending our own behaviours, values, and engaging in heartfelt conversations with ourselves. 
  • The key is unconditional self-love. Once we embrace it, we can share it with others. This inner love will radiate, turning us into nurturing figures for the world and beyond.

Looking forward to our meaningful connection tomorrow, we eagerly explore another empowering aspect of existence. Wishing you a day filled with joy and inspiration.!

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