The film begins with a pious and theist child who is on his way to school. He has a placid smile on his countenance which suggests a happy mood. He is spirited and cheerful as he cycles through a lonesome path noticing the small beautiful things of nature like the butterflies and leaves etc. He stops briefly to offer his prayers to a shrine before going back to cycling joyfully. Unfortunately he hits a speed bump which causes his water bottle to topple onto the road. A speeding motorcycle then drives over the bottle spilling its contents onto the boy himself. Nearby children start laughing mockingly. This disheartens the boy and breaks his joyful spirit.

He goes to a secluded space, sits on a rock and starts sobbing dejected when the sound of chiming bells distracts him. He saunters towards the sound to find a beautiful temple of Shiva. He bows in front of the Shiv linga and starts crying again. Almost instinctively he stops to touch the Tilak on the Shiva linga. A realization spreads over him making him feel instantly at ease. Once again blissful, he sets on his path again, this time energized by God’s love.

He once again notices the beauty of nature in the form of a tiny puppy and is drawn to it. He then visits the places of worship of other religions as well only to stop at a painter’s house. Here he notices that all the religious leaders point to a single point of light, proving that there exists only one God who is a point of light. Understanding this complicated concept the boy goes back to that secluded rock, this time to meditate. After a couple of tries and distractions he then remembers the point, and merges deep in God’s remembrance and love. A powerful spiritual link is formed between the soul and God purifying beautifying and energizing the boy.

On the way back the boy meets an accident injuring him. Once again the nearby kid starts mocking him but this time the boy gets up, dusts himself and smiles at the kid and waves at him. He then smiles and shows a thumbs up to God to say that he is fine. Even though the accident was way worse than a bottle of water spilling, it didn’t break the boy’s spirit. This proves once and for all that loving God won’t protect us from bad things happening to us but our reaction to those accidents and misfortunes would change. Nothing would be able to break our spirit. Nothing would make us dejected or disheartened just as long as we are in God remembrance and the canopy of his love. Nothing would bring us down. We will forever be at peace smiling and giving a ‘thumbs up’ to God just like the boy.