Art of soul conciousness

The Art of Soul Consciousness: Embracing Positivity in Others

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Ten thousand DVDs around me! How do I tell one Digital Versatile Disc apart from the other? Do I need to? The same virtues are to be loaded onto all so setting them apart and judging them based on preconceived notions or biases created by the mind , or on what is already loaded in it, is not my business. Soul consciousness is somewhere along these olines. I am a primary teacher at school. Which child comes from where, what factors bring in behaviors, the impact of home on academic performance, is good piece of knowledge as long as it transforms into wisdom to direct me into supporting the child into blooming to his fullest potential, but commenting on any of his traits or what he carries, is none of my business.

Soul consciousness is all about connecting with each person at an original level, where I choose to look at and learn only from his virtues. Where my thought goes, focus goes; where focus goes, energy flows and where energy flows, whatever I choose to focus on, grows. What’s my choice? Do I choose to look at and imbibe vices or virtues from others? Do I choose to connect with each and every person I meet on this journey called life or do I choose to whine about their vices thus overlooking the opportunity they bring to my growth?

I choose to leverage upon divine knowledge and transform information thus obtained, into wisdom that detaches me from behaviors or attitudes of those around me so that I am able to step out, aside and first stabilize myself before jumping in to lend a helping hand.

When I fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs me to “put my oxygen mask on first,” before helping others. Why is this an important rule? Because if the inner being is burned out, if I myself am running out of fuel, I cannot support another. Once stable and powerfully overflowing with divinity, I am able to radiate my power and energy to the outside world.

When I radiate, I radiate to all- just like the ten thousand plus DVDs in the illustration above, all people are souls not to be discriminated against. I teach the mind to treat all alike. This needs me to format the hard disc of the mind first. Accepting the child like several in primary class made several blunders, agreed he has been creating havoc and indeed every trick cannot and should not be brushed under the carpet. But my soul conscious approach is to empathize or sympathize nor apathise.
Soul consciousness means focusing on the common originality of all beautiful beings. Innately, each is a diamond, a gem in his own unique way. I need to focus on the beauty of the being, not the body conscious patterns that mask its peacefulness and power. Like the sun who is as impartial as can be, I need to create elevated thoughts for all. Does the Sun decide to share its warmth and light only with a chosen few? What if it decides, “I’m going to be stingy or partial and illuminate only this village, only this apartment and not that one down the street?

If I am body conscious, I allow the mind to create judgmental thoughts about students in my class like ‘he is a chip of the old block’, ‘this is what children are now-a-days’ and so on. However, through the clean clear soul conscious glasses I see every individual as a travel companion and let his present today be the beginning of a new day!

Brahma Baba did not punish, reprimand or allow judgmental thoughts to step into the mind when the man who had been appointed to kill him appeared before him. He stayed in the subtle soul consciousness where every person is “an Angel”. So, do I choose to spend time whining about Awesome Angels around or do I let them elevate me to a higher ground? Even if the mind puts up a resistance saying “No this child is so and so, this person has always been……” I choose to work on myself through meditation, slowing down, connecting with God, counselling the mind like a little child and why won’t the mind listen if there’s such a Sweet Father to teach?

You need Power only when you want to do something Harmful, Otherwise Love is Enough to get everything done – Charlie Chaplin


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