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Returning To My Original State Of Goodness (Part 1)

A very important and influential aspect of our lives is living every thought in our actions. It is said commonly – that practice what you preach. In other words, you have many ideal thoughts and good view points and you keep them as benchmarks to follow and look up to. But, sometimes whilst performing actions, you don’t actually live by these benchmarks, which not only disappoints and gives sorrow to oneself but also disturbs and gives sorrow to others.

E.g. today I decide I will remain happy at any cost and give everyone the same. But as soon as I face a difficult situation or problem, it takes very little time for me to start worrying and radiating the same energy to others. Also, on another day I have an aim in my life that I will keep only good wishes for others. But as soon as I have to face a negative behavior of someone, I lose the love inside my heart and not only think negatively about the other person but also speak against the person to others. This spoils my relationships. So, these and many more are benchmarks which we keep in our mind and try and reach upto, throughout the day and everyday. Sometimes we are successful in doing so and sometimes are unable to do so. What is the reason for this? Are we not nice people at heart, all of us? Of course, some are nicer. But, according to spiritual wisdom, everyone is nice originally and basically. And also, everyone, at some point of time in their lives, want to be nice people. Some are serious in bringing about the niceness in their lives and natures and some think about the change towards becoming nicer but do not bring it in their personality with determination.

 (To be continued tomorrow …)

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जिंदगी की दौड़ में ना भागें…. प्रेजेंट मोमेंट को एंजॉय करें (भाग 1)

जिंदगी की दौड़ में ना भागें….प्रेजेंट मोमेंट को एंजॉय करें (भाग 1)

हर मनुष्य खुशियां चाहता है। हम अपने लिए खुशियों को ढूंढते रहते हैं और अपने हर एक लक्ष्य; हमारा स्वास्थ, सुंदरता, धन या अपनी भूमिकाओं

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