05th June – Soul Sustenance

Emotional Independence From People

In some of our relationships, we might experience a complete emotional dependency on someone. We spend irrational amounts of time thinking of other person’s needs, opinions and feelings. Our own priorities get cornered, as we give complete control of our emotions and decisions to them. We even start relying on them to feel loved, and this is unhealthy for both of us. Have you ever felt your mind getting emotionally attached to someone? Does someone constantly live on your mind? And do you get disturbed with the slightest change in that person’s behaviour? Our emotional dependence on people is riskier than we realize, and it can turn into a deep addiction. When the mind becomes attached to someone’s behaviors, we will need them to be our way. We constantly seek their love, presence, opinions and approval. Not getting even one of these makes us insecure. We are actually emotionally powerful. We need nothing from anyone. Let us be with people for who they are, not because they can offer emotional comfort. True love brings liberation. Dependency suffocates them and us. Love yourself and spend time with your mind. Remind it – My relationships stand strong on a foundation of emotional independence and love.

Sit back and check how you will step away emotionally from people to regain your independence. View yourself clearly and know your own needs. Your self-esteem increases, your attachments and dependencies reduce. Remind yourself – I am a powerful being. I am emotionally free to feel how I want and do what I want. No one influences my inner world.